How to treat a children's allergy

How to treat a children's allergy

Allergy – one of the most widespread diseases at children of early age. At kids it is shown by atopic dermatitis – specific rashes on skin, an itch and dryness. The main reasons for development of an allergy in the child – hereditary predisposition and also early and intensive contact with allergen.


1. The main thing in treatment of dermatitis - a hypoallergenic diet. The most widespread allergens causing development of a disease are proteins of cow's milk and soy. Exclude them from a diet of the kid, having picked up full replacement. For example, goat milk and products on its basis. They help to solve a problem of feeding of the child, give good preventive and medical effect. Entering a feeding up into food of the baby, control shipping of each new product. So you will be able to reveal allergens and to try to avoid them.

2. Drug treatment of an allergy includes the antihistaminic medicines for children possessing also protivozudny action. Remember that it is necessary to give to the kid them according to the recommendation of the doctor. He will appoint also the physiotherapeutic procedures, ointments, creams or solutions of local action developed for dry, allergenic children's skin care. It is necessary to put them from two to four times a day. If the child has only a small reddening, it is possible to apply means which part allantoin is, dekspantennol, having wound healing, anti-inflammatory effect.

3. When bathing the kid add to a bathtub several drops of hypoallergenic oil or a milk for children. It will moisturize and will soften the dry skin. Do not use soap and potassium permanganate since they even more it dry. At allergic rashes dairy and oil bathtubs, bathtubs with starch, bran are effective.

4. Try to support a certain microclimate in the house. Temperature in the children's room has to be 20-22 degrees, humidity of air not less than 40-50%. Get a humidifier, a minimum three times a day air the room of the child, daily do damp cleaning. When washing children's things use children's soap and erase them separately from adults. Whenever possible get rid of dust stores in the apartment – carpets, heavy curtains, covers and soft toys. Do not forget that pets can be provokers of an allergy also.

5. Do not wait that the allergy will pass in itself – address experts. From atopic dermatitis the disease can pass into more severe form - a respiratory allergy (rhinitis), and then and into bronchial asthma. If necessary the doctor can recommend an allergenspetsifichesky immunotherapy (ASIT). This method reminds an inoculation: into an organism the microdoses enter allergen to develop resistance to his action at the child. Treatment this quite long (from 3 to 5 years), also appoint it to children is not younger than five-year age.

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