How to treat a lock at pregnancy

How to treat a lock at pregnancy

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During pregnancy there can be some troubles connected with intestines. Locks very strongly complicate life to women. A lock call the complicated or incomplete depletion of intestines of more than a day.

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1. You watch regularity of a chair, the daily chair is considered normal. Its consistence should not be kasheobrazny or in the form of sheep a calla. At violation of a form and consistence of a chair address with complaints the obstetrician. For a start he will appoint a special diet. During pregnancy the enzymatic activity is broken and smooth muscles relax, as lead to violation of digestion and problems with a chair. Perhaps, you need consultation of the gastroenterologist or surgeon.

2. Undergo all inspections and researches appointed by the doctor (ultrasonography of abdominal organs, biochemical blood test, a scatological research and blood tests and a calla on helminths). Only based on data of inspections, the doctor competently and without harm for your health will pick up optimum therapy.

3. Keep to a special diet and the mode of meal. In intestines there has to be as much as possible cellulose as it is not digested, but increases the volume of stool and inflates, thereby promoting depletion of intestines. Therefore include vegetables in the daily diet: carrots, beet, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin and squash, apples. Bread of a rough grinding is useful. Eat dried fruits. Use olive or vegetable oil for cooking. Kefir and fermented milk products are also useful at locks.

4. Remember that strong tea, black coffee and cocoa and also chocolate, white loaf and flour products, semolina and bilberry can provoke locks. Try to avoid their use.

5. Accept infusions of herbs at an abdominal distension: flowers of a camomile, seeds of caraway seeds or leaves of mint, fennel. It is possible to accept activated carbon.

6. Do easy physical exercises (for example, special yoga for pregnant women). Physical exercises will promote strengthening of a vermicular movement of intestines. Avoid long standing and a raising of heavy objects.

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