How to treat a phlegm at children

How to treat a phlegm at children

Cough at children of early age very often is followed by excess formation of a phlegm. Cleaning of airways of it happens in most cases insufficiently effectively because of functional immaturity of respiratory muscles of the child. As a result, the phlegm stands that not only provokes strengthening of cough, but also can cause development of more serious diseases. Therefore it is necessary to fight against formation of a phlegm. How to do it?


1. The sick child has to receive plentiful warm drink as practically any catarrhal disease leads to dehydration of an organism and, respectively, formation of more viscous and hard-to-remove phlegm.

2. The huge role is played by parameters of air to which the child breathes. It is very difficult to cure cough in the conditions of warm and dry air. Alas, because of climatic features of our country, at least half a year (as a rule, from October 15 to April 15) lasts a heating season. From the beginning of work of heating systems in premises the humidity of air sharply decreases. A half of life our children breathe dry air, and there is nothing surprising that most of kids are ill during all autumn and winter period.

3. In the conditions of dry warm air even insignificant load of a respiratory path (for example, the SARS easy form) leads to emergence or long activization of cough, in some cases - with excess formation of a phlegm. Thus, the efficiency of treatment directly depends on the frequency of airing and moistening of air in the house! Such simple measures as open vessels with water on windowsills, hanging out damp gauze curtains on batteries, etc. can significantly facilitate a condition of the sick child, having facilitated otkhozhdeny phlegms.

4. There is a wide list of the medicines possessing "expectorant" action. The choice of concrete means happens on doctor's orders. It is better to give preference to phytotherapeutic medicine (plant, natural origin). The softness of action, lack of toxicity, insignificant probability of deteriorations and allergies at sufficient efficiency is inherent in them that is especially important, dealing with small children.

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