How to treat a rubella at children

How to treat a rubella at children

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Rubella – a viral infectious disease. Its main signs – melkopyatnisty rash, increase in lymph nodes, temperature increase. The virus is transmitted in the airborne way, sometimes contact, for example, through toys. For children at the correct leaving the rubella does not constitute special danger and is treated in house conditions.

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1. Provide to the child a bed rest at the sharp course of disease which is followed by high temperature and a general malaise. At dacryagogue and reddening of eyes limit watching TV and also classes at the computer and long reading books. If the child feels normally and wants to play, then you should not keep him in a bed violently.

2. At high temperature give to the kid children's febrifuge, according to an age dosage.

3. If the disease of a rubella causes such deteriorations in health as reddening and irritation in a throat, cold, dry cough, then it is possible to apply the symptomatic means eliminating these symptoms. For this purpose you can use drops for a nose, spray or syrup for a throat.

4. Provide a dairy and vegetable diet for the child. The porridges, fruit rich with vitamin C, muesli, yogurts, cottage cheese dishes have to enter a diet of the patient.

5. Give to the kid more liquid. Preference has to be given to drinks with the high content of vitamins. It can be compotes, kissel, fruit drink, juice.

6. You carry out the general therapy on strengthening of immunity that the organism could overcome as soon as possible a virus and cope with the illness without complications. For this purpose give to the child vitamins and immunoperformance-enhancing drugs.

7. At absence at the child of an allergy to herbs, it is useful to carry out phytotherapy. At rash on skin offer it broth of a dogrose, camomile, a calendula. Buds of a birch which also accelerate process of a conclusion of an organism of harmful products of disintegration have anti-inflammatory and protivozudny effect. The valerian, a motherwort has the calming effect. Give herbal teas to the kid strictly on an age dosage. At bitterish taste add honey or fructose to tea.

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