How to treat a SARS at the baby

How to treat a SARS at the baby

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According to researches the city child on average has a SARS from 7 to 10 times a year. If the child is healthy, then in general the SARS at him passes completely. The organism of the baby is imperfect. Therefore the disease which is not cured in time can lead to serious consequences. It is better to preserve children of such age against infection. In particular, hardening from the cradle allows to reduce the frequency of manifestation of a disease.

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1. In a case of the baby of a SARS it is necessary to call the doctor on the house. Because only it will be able precisely to define the nature of a disease and to appoint the corresponding treatment.

2. To the room of the sick kid provide intake of fresh air. It is possible to open a window wide open in the summer, and in the winter a window leaf. If on the street it is very cold also wind, then air the room in absence of the child (transfer it to other room). It is necessary to lower environment air temperature.

3. Usually in cold season air indoors because of heating devices dry. Therefore it is necessary to humidify it. For this purpose several times a day you carry out damp cleaning in the room of the patient, it is possible to put the container with water or to use a humidifier.

4. If at the baby temperature rose up to 38 degrees, then it is necessary to force down it. Otherwise, spasms can begin. For this purpose leave on it a clothes minimum. As the organism has to have an opportunity to lose warmly. That there was no organism dehydration, it is necessary to allow the child to drink more. The best drink for children of the first year of life - raisin broth. If he is absent, then it is possible to allow to drink broth of berries of a dogrose, currant. The temperature is higher, the more often let's drink.

5. Change diapers more often, put a cold compress to a forehead.

6. If above and above the described ways do not help, then it is possible in house conditions it is possible to give to the kid two medicines - paracetamol (better in candles) and aspirin before arrival of the doctor.

7. The sparing mode is necessary for a stomach of the ill kid too. For example, the baby can increase number of feedings up to 10, having reduced the volume of breast milk or mix.

8. If the child fell asleep, then it is not necessary to awake him to measure temperature or to give medicine. Unless it is vital. A dream - one of the best remedies.

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