How to treat a sore throat at the child

How to treat a sore throat at the child

Practically all children at least once complained of a sore throat. More often it occurs during off-season and in winter time. The infection causes hypostasis, reddening of fabrics, body temperature increases. The inflamed throat except painful feelings gives to the kid the mass of an inconvenience, such as difficulty of swallowing and sleep disorder.

It is required to you

  • - Soda;
  • - officinal herbs;
  • - propolis;
  • - honey.


1. Surely see a doctor for professional consultation. The doctor will perform inspection and will appoint treatment. Now in pharmacies there are many means for the help to the inflamed children's neck: various lollipops with fruit tastes, pastils, sprays. Timely treatment will allow to avoid heavy complications.

2. Teach the kid to rinse a throat. If he is already able to do it – remarkably, rinsing gives very good effect. Soda solution – the simplest: fill in a soda teaspoon with hot water, then cool up to the comfortable temperature. Rinsing by warm solution of soda helps to dilute slime and washes out a throat.

3. Prepare medicative herbs decoction for rinsing. Very good means - hot infusion of a sage. On 1 glass of water the sage teaspoon is required. Bring infusion to boiling, and then cool up to the necessary temperature. Other medicative herbs also are suitable for rinsing: camomile, calendula, St. John's wort, eucalyptus. The good result is yielded by propolis (add several drops of spirit solution of propolis on a half-glass of warm water).

4. During the day alternate means for rinsing, impact on a disease from different sides will turn out. Track that the child rinsed a throat as often as possible, till 6-10 once a day.

5. Children after three years can take hot foot baths. Put the kid on a chair, gather water with the temperature of 37-38 degrees in a basin, let the child will lower in leg water, and you accurately from time to time add hot water in a basin. Duration of such procedure is 10–15 minutes. Then carefully wipe legs of the kid and put on woolen socks. It is desirable to lie down after a foot bathtub to the child half an hour under a warm blanket. Important: such procedure is admissible at absence at the kid of the increased body temperature.

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