How to treat a throat during pregnancy

How to treat a throat during pregnancy

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During pregnancy the organism of the woman adapts not only to her requirements, but also to needs of the child. In order to avoid rejection of a fruit, the immunity of the woman decreases. It is explained by the fact that the child is the alien organism containing genetic material not only of mom, but also dad. Negative feature of this protective reaction is that the woman is stronger subject to diseases. The throat the first object for the attack of viruses and bacteria becomes frequent. And traditional treatment at pregnancy is contraindicated.


1. Rinse a throat grass broths. The camomile, a St. John's wort, a sage, a calendula and an eucalyptus have anti-inflammatory properties. Make a tablespoon of any of the listed herbs in a glass of boiled water, filter the infused broth. The warm water diluted in half with beet or onions juice well helps from a sore throat. Traditional rinsing by solution of soda will be more effective if to add several drops of iodine and a little salt to a glass. Grass infusions each two hours rinse a throat, and here it is better not to abuse the last recipe as salt and soda overdry mucous a mouth.

2. Chew also to a rassasyvayta a propolis piece. It can cause unpleasant feelings in a mouth, but all inconveniences are compensated by the excellent medical effect allowing to cope even with a bacterial tonsillitis in an initial stage.

3. Accept 3 times a day on a teaspoon of onions or garlic juice. Even the heaviest tonsillitis at such treatment will pass for several days.

4. Make for the night a compress of the damp gauze soaped by laundry soap. Apply it on a neck, and from above cover with dry fabric. Wash up a neck in the morning and grease it with the moisturizing cream.

5. Do inhalations with various herbs. Inhalation of steam from the boiling broth helps to remove inflammation in a throat. Inhalations over hot milk or boiled potatoes will help to cope not only with a tonsillitis. At laryngitis they will quickly save from an osiplost or will return the gone voice.

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