How to treat a throat to the baby

How to treat a throat to the baby

Yours the baby got sick? Slackness, whimsical mood, small appetite, and sometimes at all shout at meal time or refusal of it, tussiculation – all this signs that at the kid the neck is inflamed. Often mothers are lost and do not know what to undertake in this case. The majority of medicines and ways of treatment do not suit babies. Nevertheless, there are several receptions allowing not only to facilitate a condition of the child, but also to cure it.

It is required to you

  • - chlorofillipt solution;
  • - camomile tea;
  • - turpentine ointment;
  • - Doctor Mom ointment;
  • - warm drink.


1. Give to the baby warm drink, as often as possible, it will soften angry mucous throats, and will also help to bring an infection out of an organism quicker.

2. Use freshly cooked broth of a camomile if your child has no an allergy to herbs. For this purpose it is very convenient to buy ready pharmaceutical the filter packages (on a glass of boiled water 1 bag, to cool). With their help you will quickly prepare broth of the set concentration and will be saved from need to filter it. chest to children on 1 tea spoon 3 times a day give camomile tea. If the child does not experience to him rejection, then it is possible to give this broth instead of drink.

3. Grease the child's neck, using oil solution of the chlorofillipt, it is the natural medicine (extract from eucalyptus leaves) possessing high bactericidal action. Take a thin stick, reel up on it a little sterile cotton wool and, having dipped in solution, grease a throat. If the child sucks a dummy, then it is possible to act simpler: drip 3-4 drops of solution on a pacifier and give it to the kid. Medicine will be distributed on oral strips. The child allergic person can is unpredictable to react to new drugs therefore giving any medicine has to be carried out strictly with the permission of the doctor.

4. Before going to bed grease the snout of the baby with turpentine ointment or apply Doctor Mom ointment. It is also very good to use fir oil, it will give the necessary warming effect. But be not zealous too and do not cover the child very warmly. Thermal control at babies is imperfect, and instead of improvement you can receive high temperature. For the same reason it is impossible to carry out various warmings up, to apply mustard plasters.

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