How to treat a viral infection at the child

How to treat a viral infection at the child

The disease of a viral infection most often begins sharply. Temperature increases, cold, a sore throat, cough, dacryagogue develop. The child can complain of a headache, weakness. It is necessary to take measures in the first hours of a disease. Surely call the doctor and try to facilitate a condition of the kid.

It is required to you

  • - antiviral means;
  • - febrifuges;
  • - plentiful drink;
  • - feeding at will;
  • - rubdown by water;
  • - washing of a nose;
  • - rinsing of a throat;
  • - low temperature and high humidity of air.


1. Before a sharp stage of a disease when the immunity begins to react to emergence in an organism of wreckers, there is a phase when the immune system did not give the answer yet, and viruses already got an organism. During this period the child can feel unwell, weakness, the redness and gloss in eyes appear. Babies can sleep unusually long or, on the contrary, cannot fall asleep. During this period antiviral means – homeopathic medicines ("Viburkol," Atsillokoktsinum, Aflubin), chemical antiviral means ("Arbidol", "Tamiflu"), interferona (Viferon, Grippferon) will be effective treatment. During this presharp period of a course of disease these medicines can block action of viruses and prevent development of a disease.

2. If the disease continues to progress, and the child has a high temperature, a fever, cold, a sore throat, then try to put the kid to bed. Dress the child more warmly, and reduce air temperature in the room to 18 degrees. Air in the room has to be humidified that slime (cold and the phlegm) allocated by an organism for fight against spread of a virus did not dry up and performed the protective function.

3. Give to the child plentiful drink. Temperature of drink has to be the same, as well as the body temperature, so liquid will be quicker soaked up by stomach walls. If the kid has no allergy, add honey to drink. Fruit drinks from a cranberry, cowberry, tea from a camomile and a linden are very useful. Offer the child fruit compote on dogrose broth.

4. If at the child the high temperature (more than 38.5 - 39 degrees) rises, give him children's febrifuge on the basis of paracetamol or an ibuprofen. Do not pound the kid vodka or vinegar at all. Grindings can be done only by water of room temperature in case does not feel feverish the child.

5. For fluidifying of slime in a nose and simplification of breath wash the child's nose with physiological solution or sea water. At strong congestion of a nose the application of special children's drops depending on age is possible. Do not abuse vasoconstrictive medicines, they cause accustoming and dry mucous a nose.

6. At a sore throat prepare for the child solution for rinsing. Grass infusions of a sage, calendula, a camomile are very useful. Rinsing of a throat should be carried out before food.

7. Do not force the child is if he has no appetite. Food has to be easy, avoid the fried and hot dishes. The volume of the single consumption of food should be reduced, and to increase the number of feedings.

8. Try to create to the child comfortable conditions, calm him if to him it is terrible or painful. Your care and the correct leaving will help to cope with an infection quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team