How to treat alfalfa butterflies at newborns

How to treat alfalfa butterflies at newborns

The alfalfa butterfly meets at not congenital approximately in 60-70 percent of cases. There is pathological and physiological jaundice. The first demands a careful research and treatment of the kid as she is called by various diseases. The second does not need long-term treatment, it passes, as a rule, within 3-4 days.


1. The physiological alfalfa butterfly – not a disease. It is connected with immaturity of a children's organism and its adaptation to new environmental conditions. Erythrocytes are constantly updated for the adult, old cages form substance bilirubin which is removed by a liver. At the baby the liver does not function fully yet therefore the formed bilirubin which gives to skin and mucous membranes a yellowish shade remains in a children's organism.

2. After functions of an organism begin to be performed fully, the skin color of the kid returns to normal. Skin gains the most expressed yellow color approximately for 3-4 day therefore if mom and the kid are at home, you should not panic, but it is necessary to observe the course of process. Completely the alfalfa butterfly at newborns disappears by 7-8 day of life. If the skin color did not return to normal, it is necessary to see a doctor to avoid possible complications and to find out the cause of such pathology.

3. Drugs at newborns in modern medicine are practically not applied to treatment of the physiological alfalfa butterfly. The most effective method today – phototherapy, or phototherapy. At this method of treatment skin of the baby is lit with a special lamp as a result of which treatment bilirubin turns into substances which are removed from an organism with urine and a stake. As a result of such treatment the baby can sometimes have a small irritation or peeling of skin, drowsiness. But all these phenomena completely pass after end of a course.

4. Early and frequent applying to a breast – one more way of fight against the alfalfa butterfly at newborns. Breast milk promotes strengthening of immunity and the fastest removal of bilirubin. The kids suffering from the alfalfa butterfly are excessively sleepy. Therefore they need to be awoken to do not miss feedings. Besides, doctors recommend whenever possible to a thicket to submit such kids for walk under indirect sunshine.

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