How to treat allergic cough at children

How to treat allergic cough at children

It is always unpleasant when the kid is ill. But happens so that cough does not pass till several months and develops unexpectedly. Then it is worth checking the child regarding an allergy and to treat allergic cough until it passed into more serious disease, such as bronchial asthma. Methods of traditional medicine will come to the rescue, but also about inspections and the recommendations of doctors you should not forget.

It is required to you

  • - laboratory inspection;
  • - consultation of experts;
  • - drug treatment.


1. The allergy can arise at any. And small children - not an exception. Allergens are both foodstuff, and means of household chemicals, pets, plants, household dust, drugs. The list is very extensive. Therefore before beginning something to treat, it is necessary to establish the reason. Everything begins with the address in your local pediatrician. The doctor will perform inspection of the kid and will appoint necessary inspections. Necessary and obligatory researches at an allergy are: clinical blood test (here interests number of eosinophils and leukocytes), the general analysis of urine, kcal on eggs of helminths. The increased maintenance of eosinophils at normal quantity of leukocytes indicates presence of an allergy. Now it is necessary to reveal its source.

2. To eliminate a source of an allergy and to cure cough, it is necessary to define precisely what causes this process in an organism. Now there are a lot of techniques allowing to define antibodies on concrete allergen. It is enough to take a blood test from a vein. The cost of the analysis rather big, but it is necessary for the choice of the correct therapy. You should not forget that many helminths can also cause cough and allergies. Therefore it is necessary to be checked also for existence of antibodies to parasites.

3. If you managed to define allergen, then it is necessary to exclude it. Plants and animals have to be isolated. Foodstuff is excluded from a diet. It is also important to remember that allergens can join the ranks. Therefore try to air more often the room, do damp cleaning not less than two times a week. For a dream buy blankets and pillows from hypoallergenic materials.

4. Treatment consists in intake of antihistamines ("Tavegil", Suprastin, Erius, "Telfast" and many others). It is also necessary to carry out desensitization of an organism, apply activated carbon or a gluconate of calcium to these purposes. Cough treat mixtures for cough. But it is possible to apply also broths of herbs (it is only careful as often it causes allergies in children). Here mother and stepmothers, a thyme or a plantain use broths. In pharmacies, ready dry chest collecting is on sale. Before application consult to the doctor.

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