How to treat an allergy at children

How to treat an allergy at children

Allergy - the most widespread disease in the world. Some remember it in the spring, during magnificent blossoming, others suffer from it all the year round. Bronchial asthma, pollinoza, dermatitis, a small tortoiseshell, allergic cold, medicinal and food diathesis are diagnosed for increasing number of children. The reason of it is in illiterate application of antibiotics and other drugs, ecological trouble of big cities, decrease in immunity, unhealthy food, heredity.


1. Show the child to the expert at the first suspicions of an allergy. It is very important to diagnose it before heavy symptoms. A reason for concern are long cold, attacks of sneezing, an itch in a nose, dacryagogue, reddening of eyes, rashes on skin, hypostases, the complicated breath. Examine the kid as soon as possible if you the allergic person as the incidence of this illness directly depends on genetic predisposition.

2. The doctor will define allergen and will prescribe medicines. Treatment by chemical medicines will remove primary symptoms of an allergy, but will not save from the disease. The fixed assets reducing severity of an allergy - antihistaminic medicines. These drugs reduce development of a histamine – the substance causing inflammation at an allergy. Most often they are used for treatment of pollinoz, allergic rhinitis, the itching dermatosis. Medicines of the first generation ("Dimedrol", "Tavegil", Suprastin) caused drowsiness, more effective and safe medicines of the second generation (Zirtek, Kestin, Klaritin) are created now. They work is longer and have no sedative action.

3. In more hard cases corticosteroids give good effect, these are cortisone hormone derivatives. They have specific antiallergic effect. Bronkhodilyatatora expand walls of bronchial tubes and facilitate breath during asthma attacks. Use at easy forms of allergic cold antiedematous drops and sprays for a nose, but it is obligatory after consultation with the doctor.

4. The specific immunotherapy is the most modern and effective method which saves an organism from an allergy, but not just facilitates symptoms. This method is applied around the world long ago. Its principle - in regular use of medicines which are created on the basis of the concrete allergens which are an etiology of your child. The patient is subjected to allergen influence, gradually increasing a dose before achievement of effect of lack of response of an organism.

5. If allergic diathesis is detected in the child, you transfer it to a balanced diet. The general recommendations - decrease in amount of carbohydrates, fats, salts. Kissels, eggs, nuts, bean, seasonings and spices, carbonated drinks, chips, chocolate, a citrus, eggs are excluded. For such children boil food, you extinguish or bake, but do not fry. Soak in cold water potatoes, other vegetables, grain before cooking. At diathesis the medicines reducing an itch, a course of vitamin therapy are appointed. Locally allergic diathesis treat mazevy therapy, lotions, ultra-violet radiation is used. Bathtubs with a train or bark of an oak are applied.

6. Additional methods of treatment are used for the general maintenance of an organism, with the permission of the doctor. Acupuncture and homeopathy belong to such methods. Acupuncture is safe, almost deprived of side effects. Sometimes, by means of it it is possible even to reduce the frequency of attacks at asthma. The homeopathy - quite effective method, but result will be not fast. The main thing to find the competent expert and to carry out all his instructions. A method essence - in gradual harmonious control of all organism, and, in particular, the immune system. To the child the course of reception of specially made dragees is appointed. Begin intake of medicine with very small doses and gradually raise them, according to the scheme registered by the doctor - the homeopathist. During treatment the child can get rid at the same time of several allergens. It is desirable to begin such treatment during remission.

7. Use recipes of traditional medicine, but surely agree on them with the doctor. Fill in a sage spoon with a glass of milk and bring to boiling. Filter, again let's begin to boil, cool and give to the child on a tablespoon three times a day between food and for the night. Fill in with a glass of boiled water a tablespoon of mint, a melissa and camomile, offer the kid on a spoon during the day. Make collecting of a marjoram, hips, leaves of blackberry, a motherwort and peppermint. Fill in 2 teaspoons of a grass with a glass of abrupt boiled water. Give to the child several times a day 50 ml.

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