How to treat at the child eczema

How to treat at the child eczema

When in family there is a child, parents want to do everything possible to protect the kid from all dangers from the outside. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to be saved from everything and quite often young mothers panic, without knowing how to cope with widespread children's diseases. Among them there is also eczema or neurodermatitis.


1. Refuse some products in the diet, capable to cause eczema if you feed childwith breast. It can be a citrus, eggs, smoked products, chocolate, etc. Track what product causes manifestations of this disease.

2. Exclude all products which use can cause children's eczema from a diet of more senior child. Treat them: dairy products, citrus, tropical fruit, fish, eggs, nuts, chocolate, products from wheat flour, tomatoes. After symptoms of eczema disappear, wait month - another and then on one you enter the forbidden products into the child's diet. Similar tactics will help to define what of products provokes manifestation of eczema.

3. Eliminate chronic bacterial or viral infections. It is possible to carry out it at the treatment which is correctly picked up by the doctor.

4. Exclude a stress source at the child, otherwise you will hardly get rid of eczema. Treatment has to be based on the modified way of life and the administration of drugs operating diversely, but working for one result.

5. You carry out external treatment of eczema together with medicamentous therapy, certainly under control of the doctor. Intake of antihistaminic and sedative medicines will help to normalize functioning of a neuroendocrine system of the child. Neurologic dysfunction can be caused by deficiency of potassium in an organism, in this case treatment will be simpler, than it was supposed.

6. Reduce the naggers in the field of ekzematozny spots at the child by means of regular cold compresses, do air and solar bathtubs.

7. Do not use shampoos when bathing children of patients with neurodermatitis, most of them too dry skin. Besides, the fragrances which are contained in shampoos are capable to provoke appearance of ekzematozny rashes. Use the children's moisturizing soap.

8. Add to a bathtub when bathing the child broth of flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical. For its preparation take one tablespoon of dry flowers, fill in them with water and you boil on weak fire of 12-15 minutes, filter. Apply every day.

9. Put several times a day to the formed ekzematozny spots the crude potatoes or napkins impregnated with potatoes juice. It is possible to carry out the same manipulations with leaves of an aloe treelike.

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