How to treat children's locks

How to treat children's locks

The lock is the delay of a chair arising at intestinal impassability. At this state the child has a belly-ache, headaches, slackness, vomiting with bile impurity can develop after a while. Locks happen at many children and parents have to know how to fight with them.


1. Can be the reasons of children's locks: congenital malformations or narrowing of one of departments of intestines, at violations of peristaltic motive function of a colon, violations in the central nervous system as a result of which there can be no sufficient desire to depletion of intestines. The inactive way of life or a bed rest during a disease, the monotonous diet poor in cellulose can provoke a lock too. Fear of defecation because of painful feelings at cracks of back pass, or conscious suppression of desires to defecation not to interrupt an interesting game or viewing the animated film also treat the causes of problems with a chair.

2. Surely ask for the help the doctor. After survey the doctor will appoint treatment, a special diet, perhaps, will recommend cleaning enemas. Without consultation with the doctor do not practice uncontrolled use of depletive, it can break water-salt exchange.

3. Observe the correct diet. Include the products containing cellulose in a daily diet of the child: berries, fruit, vegetables, raisin, dried apricots and prunes. Let's the kid drink fresh carrot juice, warm infusion of a dogrose and tea with a peppermint. Exclude dishes which weaken a vermicular movement. It is strong tea, farinaceous dishes, fresh white loaf. Explain to the kid that it is necessary to chew food carefully.

4. Accustom the child to depletion of intestines in certain time, it is better in the morning after a dream. Thus, at the kid the conditioned reflex will be developed.

5. Let the child lead more active lifestyle: do together exercises, write down it in sports section or to the pool. Massage of a stomach will help to facilitate a condition of the kid. In a prone position clockwise you run the right hand slight circular motions up to 10 times.

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