How to treat chronic tonsillitis at children

How to treat chronic tonsillitis at children

Chronic tonsillitis is called the widespread disease accompanied with inflammatory process which develops in tonsils. The most often chronic tonsillitis occurs in children up to 12 years.

Reasons of development of chronic tonsillitis

This disease develops against the background of the respiratory sharp diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi, attacking constantly tonsils of the child at whom the protective system of an organism was not up to the end created. Illiterate treatment by antibiotics of catarrhal diseases can lead to development of chronic tonsillitis too.

Main symptoms of tonsillitis

Characteristic symptoms allow to reveal quickly presence of a disease, these are purulent allocations, friability and increase in tonsils, reddening, an unpleasant smell from a mouth, the increased temperature, an uneasy dream, increase in lymph nodes on a neck.

The sick child can feel strong discomfort when swallowing and have frequent a tonsillitis. The child on appointment should be conducted already at the first manifestations of a disease, otherwise various pathological states and complications can begin: sepsis, abscesses and other diseases which can lead to a lethal outcome.

Chronic tonsillitis at children. Treatment

What will be chosen treatment in many respects depends on the course of a disease and its form. At the same time the doctor can appoint conservative treatment (medications, physiotherapy), and in particularly complex cases appoint also surgical treatment. But also conservative treatment can be a miscellaneous, and it is divided into local and the general. The general conservative treatment means application of immunomodulators, vitamin complexes and medicines with antihistaminic action (Suprastin, Tavegil). As for local conservative treatment, it consists of introduction of anti-septic tanks and antibiotics to lacunas of tonsils. To the child can appoint regular washing of tonsils, rinsings by antiseptics and massage of tonsils palatal. Practice conservative local treatment and various physiotherapy (Ural federal district, the microwave oven, UVCh), however, uses them only in case exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis is not observed. If there occurred exacerbation of tonsillitis, then to the child the doctor can appoint certain antihistaminic and antibacterial medicines, for example, Tseftriakson, Tsefazolin, Amoksitsillin, Ampitsillin. During such treatment the patient should use not less than two liters of water for decrease in intoxication and to observe surely bed rest. Tonzilektomiya (removal of tonsils) is appointed only in case all appointed conservative methods did not give positive effect. But such way of treatment is appointed rather seldom and only at certain indications (sepsis, a frequent tonsillitis).

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