How to treat clamidiosis during pregnancy

How to treat clamidiosis during pregnancy

Developing of clamidiosis during pregnancy is fraught with oslozheniye. Often at this infection there are abortions or premature birth. Infection of the child when passing in patrimonial ways can lead to various chlamydial defeats of bodies and cause conjunctivitis, otitis or pneumonia.


1. First of all see a doctor that he prescribed you necessary treatment. To cure clamidiosis, accept antibiotics which molecules will not be able to pass through a placenta is medicines of group of macroleads. Follow according to the following scheme of treatment: accept azitromitsinsoderzhashchy antibiotics – 1000 mg once a day or docsitsiklinsoderzhashchy on 100 mg few times in day. You are treated thus no more than a week that antibiotics did not do much harm to a fruit. Instead of above-mentioned antibiotics it is possible to take the drugs containing erythromycin. They are considered as safe for pregnant women. Do not forget to use antifungal candles – 1 time before going to bed, vaginalno, for one week. It will help to prevent candidiasis as a therapy complication antibiotics.

2. Most often in the period of a course of disease the immunity goes down therefore the doctor can prescribe you immunomodulators. It is more preferable to use medicines on the basis of a bacterial ribosome or analogs of a carnitine. At reception accurately observe a time interval and a dosage of medicine.

3. In a complex with traditional treatment use also folk remedies. For example, suppresses activity of chlamydias tincture on the basis of garlic, a calendula and alcohol. For this purpose small crumble 5-6 garlic gloves, fill in with a glass of boiled water, let's cool down. After mix cools down, add to it 2 tablespoons of flowers of a calendula and 40-50 ml of alcohol (or vodka). Let's infuse mixes within a day. Then filter mix, impregnate in it a cotton tampon and put every day for the night within 5-6 days. Combine treatment from receptions of a complex of vitamins for pregnant women. For prevention use means of protection at sexual contacts and follow rules of personal intimate hygiene.

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