How to treat cold in the early stages of pregnancy

How to treat cold in the early stages of pregnancy

In the first months of pregnancy the immunity of the woman weakens. She becomes "target" for bacteria and viruses. During this period it is better to protect himself from contact with patients. Try to visit crowded places less. If all of you caught a cold, then to you folk remedies will come to the rescue.

It is required to you

  • - lemon;
  • - honey;
  • - cranberry, cowberry, raspberry, currant;
  • - sea salt;
  • - oil of a camomile, eucalyptus, menthol;
  • - grass collecting;
  • - dogrose;
  • - Akwa Māris.


1. Observe a bed rest. The woman has to be in the warm and dry room. It will facilitate symptoms of a disease and will help to avoid complications. The increased humidity promotes reproduction of microorganisms. Hot and cold air raise load of immunity which is so weakened.

2. Air the room several times a day. In this time better to leave to other room.

3. Drink more liquid. Grass collecting, fruit drinks from berries, green tea with a lemon (raspberry, currant) favorably influence an organism. They have anti-inflammatory properties, increase immunity, promote recovery. At high temperature it is recommended to drink cranberry or cowberry drink.

4. Drink 2 glasses of infusion of a dogrose during the day. Fill in 1 tablespoon of small cut dry berries of 200 ml of hot water and you boil 10 minutes in the closed ware. Let's infuse in a thermos day, filter and use inside. The efficiency of infusion will increase if you add to it honey.

5. Make tea from a linden, a sage and a melissa. Fill in 2 teaspoons of collecting with a glass of hot water, bring to boiling. In an hour, drink is ready to the use. In a day it is necessary to drink 1 glass of medical tea.

6. Rinse a throat infusion of a sage, a camomile, a calendula, oak bark. You can do inhalations with addition of oil of a camomile, an eucalyptus, menthol. On liter of boiled water add 2-3 drops of means.

7. Process a nasal cavity sea water. It reduces inflammation that promotes fast recovery. Also for this purpose the doctors recommend to use the dosed nasal spray Akwa Māris.

8. Limit consumption of fried, spicy, salty, greasy food. Give preference to yogurt, kefir, vegetable soups, fruit and chicken broth. Add onions and garlic to salads. They have good antiviral and antibacterial ability.

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