How to treat conjunctivitis at children

How to treat conjunctivitis at children

For a start it is necessary to understand that it konyyuktivit. The word is derivative of the word of a konyyuktiv that the mucous membrane covering outside an eyeball means. And konyyuktivit - it is inflammation of this cover which is followed by reddening of a century and allocation from an eye.

It is required to you

  • Solution antiseptics, eye drops or ointments with action wide Spector's antibiotics, cotton tampons.


1. Inflammation of a konyyuktiva can have the different nature – it can result from hit in dirt eyes, and together with it bacteria such as staphylococcus, streptococci, meningokokk, pneumococci, etc. Konyyuktivit can be also caused by viruses of flu, herpes or measles. Happens konyyuktivit also allergic, most often it arises during blossoming - it is reaction mucous on pollen. At detection in the opinion of inflammatory process, it is necessary to see immediately a doctor to find out a cause of illness, and it is correct to pick up treatment.

2. The most widespread konyyuktivit - staphylococcal. It happens in 65% of cases. As a rule, one eye is surprised, then — another. Therefore the very first rule at treatment of the konyyuktivit is not to transfer an infection from one eye to another. The main treatment consists in washing of an eye solutions antiseptics. Such, as, furacyllean, potassium permanganate, boric acid. It is necessary to wash out the cotton tampon moistened in solution from an outer edge of an eye to internal. For each eye there has to be a separate tampon. After the procedure of washing it is necessary to wash up hands carefully. It is necessary to wash out eyes each one and a half two hours. Medical solutions can be alternated strong infusion of black tea or broth of a camomile.

3. After washing in an eye it is necessary to dig drops with antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity (albucid, levometsitin and others) or antiviral medicines. Besides, it is better to have two tubes of medicine – for each eye. Drops can be replaced with ointment (tetracycline ointment, zritromitsinovy). It is simpler to apply ointment on eyes to the child, than to dig drops.

4. Treatment lasts up to two weeks. After the first week of treatment, the number of washings and burying can be limited to once a day. If cured only one eye, then to continue it is necessary to treat both eyes. It is better to limit communication of the child with other children for this time. Konyyuktivit at the child speaks about an immunity snizizheniye. Therefore it should be added homeopathic imunnostimulyator to treatment. To watch body temperature, not to overcool. It is better to cancel walks in cold season.

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