How to treat cough at the child

How to treat cough at the child

Cough – a misfortune of which it is not so simple to get rid. It has enormous quantity of the reasons for emergence therefore there is a question: how it is correct to treat cough at children of different age?

Cough is a consequence of the fact that airways were affected with an infection or a virus. The throat, a trachea and bronchial tubes suffers – receptors which sensitively react on kashlevy a reflex exactly here are located. How to treat cough at the child? What medical and medicines need to be used at various diseases and degree of their complication.

Cough – protective reaction of an organism or the cause of other diseases

Cough is a protective reaction of an organism, with its help the organism of the child pushes out harmful bacteria and microorganisms, dust and foreign matters from airways. If the person had no such ability, then any respiratory disease could turn into inflammation easy. "Healthy" tussiculation happens 10-12 times in a day, and it should not disturb parents.

There are many types of cough: dry, damp, paroxysmal, importunate, allergic and so on. They are not useful because increase respiratory insufficiency and big losses of liquid from an organism. The severe cough at the child develops during cold and an acute bronchitis. Than to treat children in this case? Before use of drugs it is important to carry out competently diagnostics and to create all conditions for comfortable treatment of the child.

Ways of treatment of diseases of the upper airways

During a disease the child needs to provide rest and a cosiness, has to irritate and disturb nothing him. It is not necessary to force the child to eat food in former volumes, these can do harm to the kid. But having provided plentiful drink, the careful parent will accelerate recovery of the child. Perfectly alkaline mineral waters (Borjomi) cope with cough. As effective treatment the special cough syrup for children based on natural extracts of herbs, tablets and elixirs will approach. Are distinguished from all variety of medications: 1. Mukolitichesky action, they dilute a phlegm, facilitate an otkharkivaniye. Are applied at bronchitis, bronkhoektaza, pneumonia.2. Expectorant action. Work differently: they provoke cough, clean bronchial tubes from residues of slime and bacteria.3. The combined action. This cough remedy for children which consists of several components which are carrying out at once several tasks: fluidifying of a phlegm, slime otkharkivaniye. In the course of treatment, homeopathic remedies, physiotherapeutic procedures, inhalations and massage are used. At the same time it is regularly important to air the room of the patient not to allow repeated infection.

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