How to treat cough at the one-year-old child

How to treat cough at the one-year-old child

To cough the child can begin at any age. And here parents sometimes just panic, without knowing whether it is necessary to treat the coughing kid and how exactly it is correct to do it. Especially appearance of cough in very little kid frightens parents. The first that mom and dad have to understand is that cough is protective reaction of an organism. Airways in such a way leave the fact that it is not necessary for an organism – it can be dust, foreign matters, a phlegm.


1. The first step which conscious parents have to make is without fail to show at the coughing kid to the doctor. Remember that any delay on a visit to the doctor can lead to unpleasant consequences in the form of pneumonia and other very unpleasant diseases.

2. Do not try at once to giveto the childmedicine which were advised by the neighbor or the girlfriend. Medicines – it is serious, the doctor has to attribute them only.

3. For relief of symptoms prior to a visit to hospital it is possible to give to the kid warm drink – tea, not really saturated dried fruits compote, milk, fruit drinks. Drink has to be plentiful and regular - it will improve health of the kid.

4. The doctor can appoint to the kid both intake of medicines, and physiotherapeutic procedures. It can be mustard plasters, banks, massage of a thorax. Try to do these manipulations correctly that the effect was immediate.

5. Concerning an algorithm of any procedure consult to the doctor or at least, find the instruction in network. If you do to the child massage of a thorax, try to carry out it carefully and throughout time specified by the doctor.

6. The problem of all procedures directed to treatment of cough is in transferring cough from dry to wet. Therefore if the child coughs up a phlegm – it is good. Do not interfere with this process.

7. Sometimes, that after the postponed disease the cough nevertheless does not pass within several weeks. Be not frightened such phenomenon, it leaves the same phlegm. However consider that some cough remedies and provoke it. Therefore as soon as cough from dry to become wet, it is necessary to stop intake of the corresponding drugs and to wait patiently until cough in itself passes.

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