How to treat frequent bronchitis at the one-year-old child

How to treat frequent bronchitis at the one-year-old child

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It is possible to speak about chronic bronchitis at the child only in case he is ill four and more times a year. It is possible to carry out treatment of a disease so difficult and dangerous by the consequences only under observation of the doctor. Before starting treatment of bronchitis at children of early age, it is necessary to find out the reasons of appearance of this disease.

The causes of bronchitis at children

Bronchitis usually follows SARS to which it is possible to carry flu and other viral diseases. The infection affects at first mucous respiratory area, through these defeats a large number of pathogenic bacteria gets into an organism. In the absence of good treatment the infection falls below and below, affecting at first a throat and a throat, then a trachea and bronchial tubes (including even bronchioles). The similar disease can be transformed to a chronic form.

Besides bacteria the bronchitis can provoke inhalation of various harmful evaporations (couple of gasoline, chlorine evaporation, smoke and other irritating chemical compounds). At sensitive children the bronchitis can arise because of inhalation of various allergens.

The susceptibility of children to this disease is also caused by some physiological features of a children's organism. At children the bronchial tubes are shorter and wider, and it is much easier for infection to get into them. One of common causes of developing of chronic bronchitis is the dust content and bad ventilation of rooms. Perhaps, to all fault so-called dust collectors: old mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets, soft toys and other. Therefore elimination of irritants will be the first step in fight against chronic bronchitis.

Important at treatment of bronchitis

It is necessary to achieve the most cool and moistened air in the room of the child, without allowing at the same time drafts (temperature should not fall lower than 18-19 degrees). Damp cleaning, airing, use of a humidifier, etc. have to become regular. Instead of a humidifier it is possible to use the usual wet towels hanged on the battery. The second indispensable condition is a large amount of the drunk water (also dried fruits compotes will approach). Moisture in a children's organism will help to humidify cough. Bronchitis will recover in that case quicker.

Correct treatment

At the first symptoms of cold it is important to begin treatment in time and not to allow a disease to develop in bronchitis. If the phlegm nevertheless got into bronchial tubes, let's the child accept the syrup diluting a phlegm, also special grass collecting will approach. Elder black, a linden heart-shaped, a licorice naked, a thyme creeping, alteya medicinal, the St. John's wort, a camomile are especially effective in fight against bronchitis (consultation with the doctor is necessary). Limit communication of the child with the ill people, control his time on cold air, organize for it a semi-bed rest. In case temperature at the child increases up to 38.5 degrees, febrifuges, rubdown by water mix with vinegar are appointed. Inhalations (soda, salt, herbs, essential oils) are also effective. At dryness of cough expectorant means can be shown. Antibiotics are appointed by the doctor in especially hard cases (if very high temperature does not fall within 3-4 days).

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