How to treat golden staphylococcus at children

How to treat golden staphylococcus at children

Doctors make to many children the diagnosis - golden staphylococcus. Physicians draw these conclusions on the basis of such symptoms as the increased gas generation in a tummy of kids, existence of greens and foam in Calais, manifestation of the expressed allergy, a lock and results of analyses on dysbacteriosis and bacteriological crops a calla.


1. Golden staphylococcus is revealed by a vyseivaniye of bacteria from analyses a calla, dabs of an internal pharynx of a nose and mouth. Besides, you can hand over on the analysisto chest milk, there are enough 50 ml. Usually, the children who are on chest feeding are infected through mother's milk. In the latter case it will be necessary to treat both mom and the kid. On the basis of these data calculate quantity of an infecting agent and also its susceptibility to any given treatment. If not to make tests, the result of treatment will be not effective as it was appointed initially not correctly. The most effective method of treatment of golden staphylococcus are bacteriophages which are subdivided into different groups on interaction on a disease.

2. Address the pediatrician who will appoint treatment according to age of the child. Golden staphylococcus treat piobakteriofaga, bacteriophages usual. Conditionally pathogenic intestinal microflora responds to treatment badly, it takes the long period and helps in total with application of other means on improvement of activity of a vermicular movement of intestines. At the same time appoint enemas which do in the mornings, before meal, for deep cleansing of intestines.

3. Do not allow the child to accept antibiotics which kill useful microflora in intestines during treatment and provoke to growth of opportunistic flora. In this case, at children the abdominal distension which is followed by severe pains, a delay of a chair or a diarrhea, a meteorizm is observed. Such course of disease is treated in infectious diseases hospitals under observation of the qualified medical personnel.

4. To restore microflora of an organism give to the kid the camomile broths, medicines containing bifido- and laktobakeriya. If you nurse the child, adjust own menu. To the child who is on artificial feeding appoint special mixes, with the lowered content of lactose or mix, containing a peptide complex. Breast milk contains all works of intestines of substance, necessary for improvement, and over time its work is normalized and stabilizes.

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