How to treat hemorrhoids at children

How to treat hemorrhoids at children

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Hemorrhoids are an expansion of gemorroidalny venous textures under skin in the field of back pass and under a mucous membrane of the lower department of a rectum, stagnation of blood in them. Are causes of illness at children: congenital weakness of the venous device, inactive way of life, dysfunction of endocrine glands, heavy physical activity, intestinal diseases and infections. Exacerbation of a disease is promoted by locks and overeating. It is possible to cure hemorrhoids at the child in house conditions by means of folk remedies.


1. Take a small metal bucket, pour in it 2-3 l of milk and lower 4-5 bulbs. Then put it on weak fire. In 2 hours remove a bucket from fire, cover it with a seat from a toilet bowl or close edges of a bucket thick material. Carefully put the child that he could warm up back pass steam. The course of treatment makes 4-5 procedures.

2. Until black fry 1 large crushed bulb in 0.5 l of the heated vegetable oil, filter through a multilayered gauze. In warm oil dissolve 100 g of beeswax. Ointment needs to be applied as external means at treatment of hemorrhoids.

3. Grate crude potato, wring out juice in 1 St a spoon and the small syringe enter to the child into back pass for the night. Such procedure it is necessary to spend 10 days.

4. Fill a pan with a capacity of 3-5 l with potato, carrot, beet, onions, cabbage cleanings. Fill in with water so that cleanings were only covered with it and boil. Pour out contents in a suitable chamber-pot and put on it the child. Duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. The course of treatment makes 5-7 days.

5. At treatment of hemorrhoids it is very useful to drink mix of juice from carrots, salad lettuce and spinach in the ratio 4:3:2. The daily dose has to be not less than 1 glass.

6. Take 1 head of garlic, clean, small cut and mix from 0.5 l of pair milk. It is necessary to take a sedentary bath lasting 20 minutes. It is necessary to do such baths 7-10 days in a row.

7. Put the heated brick in a usual chamber-pot, on it crumble in advance cut garlic. Then cover a pot with a board with a small opening in the middle. Put the child on a board, duration of the procedure has to be not less than 15 minutes. It is necessary to repeat the procedure for a week.

8. Wash out gemorroidalny knots warm milk. Then put to a sore point for 5-10 minutes the woolen rag impregnated with garlic juice. It is necessary to repeat the procedure 3 times.

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