How to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy

How to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids arise at pregnant women quite often, but the long time this illness does not prove in any way. Future mom does not feel "anything of that kind", and gemorroidalny knots become an unpleasant surprise during usual planned visit of the gynecologist or the surgeon. Even if during pregnancy future mom was not disturbed by an itch in the field of back pass and painful depletion of intestines (signs of the first stage of hemorrhoids are that), hemorrhoids can become aggravated during childbirth – so occur at 50% of women. When passing the child through a small pelvis there is a squeezing of bodies and the woman in labor tissues, and first of all venous textures suffer.

It is required to you

  • - fermented milk products,
  • - food with cellulose,
  • - vegetables,
  • - fruit,
  • - cool shower,
  • - small pillow.


1. Future mom needs to adjust work of intestines. Her friends – fruit and vegetables, fermented milk products and the food rich with cellulose, and enemies – salty, hot, spicy, peppered, marinated dishes and, of course, alcoholic beverages – all this strengthens a krovonapolneniye of veins of pelvic day and, first of all, gemorroidalny venous textures.

2. Charging will help to struggle with hemorrhoids: 2 – 3 times a day 15 minutes are useful to lie on a back with the raised provision of a basin (for example, on a small pillow).

3. It is important to avoid overcooling (especially a lower body). Pregnant women should not sit down on cold surfaces. Also they should avoid long work in a standing position or sitting.

4. After each depletion of intestines it is worth being washed away by cool water. It is possible to arrange short (about one minute) the ascending cold irrigations of anal area, having turned a shower streams up.

5. At a complication the doctor can prescribe the special local medicines allowed for application during pregnancy and feeding by a breast which not only help to cope with hemorrhoids symptoms, but also promote softening of contents of intestines.

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