How to treat incontinence of urine at the child

How to treat incontinence of urine at the child

It is appropriate to speak about enuresis in case the child leaves the bed wet more often than once in two weeks is aged more senior than four years. Finding out the cause of this disease and looking for effective ways of its treatment, parents, first of all, should address the pediatrician, the children's gynecologist and the urologist.

It is required to you

  • - consultation of the pediatrician;
  • - mint;
  • - valerian;
  • - motherwort;
  • - contrast shower;
  • - coniferous bathtubs.


1. Keep in mind that today there are about 300 ways of treatment of children's enuresis. Both the physical therapy, and auto-training, and a special diet, and various medicines, and hypnosis concern them. But them the doctor after thorough survey of the child and identification of causes of illness has to appoint everything.

2. Besides the treatment which is carried out by the doctor implement recommendations for the parents, children having enuresis. Give to the child psychological support, explain to him that it the child, not only in the world, who has such problems.

3. Do not abuse and do not subject to punishments of the child if he woke up wet. It is not his wine, but a disease which it is necessary to treat.

4. Do not put on diapers for the night. Most of 4-5-year-old children with enuresis are kids who long time did not leave pampers. But they are necessary only in certain cases: on a visit, on walk, on the way. Since one and a half years, accustom the kid to use a pot.

5. Limit intake of liquids in the evening and in three-four hours prior to a dream. You watch that the 6-7-year-old child observed a day regimen and went to sleep not later than nine o'clock in the evening. Before going to bed let surely descends in a toilet.

6. Avoid excessive psycho-emotional excitement before going to bed: viewing "scary" movies, active sports, etc.

7. You should not awake the child in the middle of the night that he descended in a toilet. Thus it is possible to fix the mechanism of manifestation of enuresis only.

8. If your kid is afraid to remain one in the room or he is frightened by darkness, do not switch off a night lamp in the nursery, leave slightly opened a door to your bedroom. You are not sparing with praise if the kid already had at least one "dry" night.

9. Use phytotherapy – the medicative herbs having sedative effect. Make tea from a peppermint, roots of a valerian, motherwort. After consultation with the doctor it is possible to apply the all-strengthening procedures (coniferous bathtubs, circulation on the ground barefoot, a contrast shower, etc.)

10. Try that the psychological situation in family was normal, in due time solve the problems arising in kindergarten or school.

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