How to treat intestinal infection at children

How to treat intestinal infection at children

Children of 1-2 years as at this age the immunity is only formed are especially subject to intestinal infections, and with personal hygiene the situation is still not really well. The nature of intestinal infections can be various, but at treatment of any their type there are some general rules.

It is required to you

  • - thermometer;
  • - febrifuge;
  • - solutions for rehydration;
  • - water;


1. Symptoms of intestinal infection – temperature, vomiting, a diarrhea. Therefore the main danger to an organism at this illness – dehydration probability.

2. It is better not to force down temperature at intestinal infection as high temperature of a body helps an organism to fight against an infecting agent. At 38-39 °C febrifugal nevertheless are necessary. Use the medicines recommended for children.

3. Not to allow dehydration, you give to drink to the child as often as possible. Babies need to give a breast or mix, to children is more senior – water and special solutions for rehydration with optimum balance of salts which can be bought in pharmacy. Liquid needs to be given often, but in small volume, the probability that it will not lead to the next attack of vomiting is so higher.

4. If the child asks to eat, then give him easy food – boiled rice without salt, crackers from white loaf, bananas. The same rule, as well as with liquid – is frequent, but in very small portions. If symptoms are not aggravated, then it is possible to expand gradually a diet, avoiding products which can cause diarrhea.

5. You watch dehydration symptoms at the child. At dehydration the rare urination, dark urine with a strong smell is observed. Integuments and mucous the kid – dry if to collect skin pleated, then the fold does not finish. Language at dehydration becomes covered by a white raid, and saliva becomes dense and sticky. At babies the fontanel also sinks down.

6. If you have doubts concerning a condition of your child, then call the pediatrician on the house. If serious symptoms of dehydration, such as availability of blood in vomiting, the confused consciousness and nonsense, rigidity of occipital muscles, a severe headache, painful urination and trouble breathing are observed, then it is necessary to call the children's ambulance urgently.

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