How to treat itch at children

How to treat itch at children

The scabby tick is easily transmitted through use objects therefore infection with itch in children's collectives occurs though is not frequent, but quickly enough. But how in due time to reveal, cure and then to warn this infectious disease? This question interests all parents.


1. Examine regularly the surface of skin of the kid as itch can be shown in one-two months from the moment of infection. And if on skin the child had traces reminding gray scratches with the dot courses and the kid constantly combs them (especially at night – the period of activity of a scabby tick), see a doctor – the children's dermatologist - for establishment of the exact diagnosis.

2. Show persistence in performing laboratory diagnostics, under a condition if the doctor made other diagnosis only on external inspection. It is important for the correct treatment as at small children the itch often proceeds under the guise of an allergy, dermatitis and eczema.

3. Isolate the child from people around at confirmation of the diagnosis "itch". It will prevent both its repeated infection, and infection of the children surrounding it.

4. Insecticidal (antiparasitic) means use treatment only on doctor's orders as medicines can have contraindications, and the dosage and a course of treatment often depend on age of the child.

5. For treatment of itch at children appoint 10% benzyl benzoate suspension (apply a uniform layer to a clear skin for the 1st and 4th day of treatment). After rubbing in of medicine in skin put on to the child clean clothes. In two days after the second rubbing in of suspension bath the kid and again change clothes.

6. Also apply aerosol to treatment of itch – Spregal. It is intended for a single leather processing. Spray it on all surface of skin, except a face and the head, at distance of 20-30 cm. At a leather processing close to the child eyes and a mouth wet towel wipes. In 12 hours after putting medicine, i.e. in the morning, carefully wash up the child with soap.

7. Use for treatment of itch of Medifoks is not less widespread. Before application part 1/3 part of a bottle of 100 ml of boiled water (22 wasps) and grease the child's skin for the night three days in a row. For the fourth day bath the kid and put on to it clean clothes.

8. Treatment of itch at children is also carried out by 10% sulfuric ointment. Within a week for the night grease with sulfuric ointment all surface of skin, except a face and the head. At the end of treatment bath the kid and change to it next-to-skin and bed linen.

9. After the end of treatment of itch make repeated diagnostics to exclude or confirm need of a repeated course of treatment.

10. For treatment process the room and objects located in it detergents. Change bed linen at the beginning and at the end of treatment, and former wet in detergent, boil, wash and dry in the sun. The things which are not subject to boiling (soft toys, plaids, woolen products and so forth), lay out for a week in the sun, for example, on a balcony or for 3 days place them in hermetically closed plastic bag.

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