How to treat laryngitis at pregnancy

How to treat laryngitis at pregnancy

Laryngitis is an inflammation of a throat which is followed by feeling of irritation or burning in a throat. To ache, sometimes rather simply to visit the public place at the height of epidemic. Especially pregnant women are not insured from laryngitis.

The reasons, symptoms and consequences of laryngitis at pregnancy

Often laryngitis develops when overcooling a throat, for example, at long inhalation by a mouth of cold air. Also the overstrain of vocal chords or too polluted inhaled air can be the reasons of its emergence. Laryngitis can develop at more serious disease of a respiratory system having catarrhal or virus character.

Inflammation of a throat is shown by the appeared feeling of dryness and burning in a throat, cough. Gradually dry cough passes into damp. Then there is cold, weakness, body temperature increases.

Laryngitis during pregnancy can cause serious complications. At the virus nature of a disease the infection can get over on the next bodies, then on a placenta and infect a fruit. If infection occurred in the first half of pregnancy, then at a fruit congenital defects in development are possible. In its second half the threat of premature birth appears. Therefore it is very important to begin treatment of laryngitis in due time.

Treatment of laryngitis at pregnant women

At pregnancy the reception of antibiotics is strictly forbidden, all medicines are taken only on doctor's orders in case the advantage of their application much more surpasses possible negative consequences. Treatment has to be carried out under observation of the doctor, but it is more tracking a condition of a fruit, but not course of a disease at the woman. The bed rest and a large number of warm drink is shown to the patient. It is also necessary to watch purity and humidity of air in the apartment. It is daily necessary to do damp cleaning, it is for a while better to remove the home decoration having property to accumulate dust. Also the protecting voice mode yields good results. It is necessary to try not to raise the voice, not to sing, it is as little as possible to speak. Often doctors appoint local treatment spray for a throat, various rinsings or inhalations. Some folk remedies are resolved, but keep in mind that they also have contraindications, before application consult with the expert better.

Prevention of laryngitis at pregnant women

The best protection against any disease is a good immunity. Accept vitamins, you watch the diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruit. If the disease after all took unawares, then from a doctor's advice begin to take immunoperformance-enhancing drugs. Not to ache, it is always necessary to put on on weather, during cold weather to try to warm a neck and legs. At pregnancy, during mass diseases and epidemics, it is better not to appear in crowded places. If after all there is a need to be in the public place, then use protective equipment such as gauze bandage. In places where air is very polluted, it is also best of all to use a bandage.

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