How to treat noise in heart at the child

How to treat noise in heart at the child

Having heard a phrase "noise in heart" some parents at once begin to panic. But it is necessary to notice that the majority of such noise do not lead to anything serious.

Noise in heart are divided into three views: harmless (functional), congenital and acquired. Functional noise is present at heart at the kid from the first days of his life and will be listened to the most teenage age.

This type of noise is not caused by either heart disease, or rheumatism therefore they are absolutely harmless.

After a rheumatism attack at the child the acquired noise in heart are shown. Rheumatism causes inflammation of heart valves and forms on them hems which interfere with normal blood circulation. If such noise are found, so at present the child has an active rheumatic process accompanied with other infections, for example, temperature increase and changes in blood.

Child care which has noise in heart

If doctors could hear noise in heart and you want to keep health of the child, you have to watch that he played games or did only those sports which do not give strong load of heart.

Do not allow the main thing that the child considered himself incurably sick or not such as other children.

The congenital type of noise caused by heart diseases is found at the birth of the kid, and sometimes after a year and more. In this case not warm noise disturb. At heart diseases it is difficult for children to breathe, they slow down growth process though the kid can sometimes lead a rough life: it is not worse to play, run and develop healthy children. Parents should not treat it as with the disabled person, and on the contrary, to provide all conditions for normal life. But you watch that the kid had no infectious diseases, especially flu.

Treatment of functional noise in heart water procedures

For calm of nervous system and heart do for the kid of a bathtub, having added to valerian water. 250 gr tinctures need to be made in one liter of water, to insist, filter and add to a bath which the child will take not less than 15 minutes. Transfer the child to easy food. Give him apple soup, pumpkin with milk more often. It is useful to drink juice limonno or a citron, curdled milk. Children with sore heart should not eat food with a large amount of fats and vegetable and animal, to reduce quantity of products with cholesterol: egg yolks, butter, cheeses. Besides, try to minimize risk of catarrhal diseases. Children with congenital heart disease need to undergo thorough inspection not only at the pediatrician, but also at the cardiologist, operation can be required by him.

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