How to treat obstructive bronchitis at children

How to treat obstructive bronchitis at children

Obstructive bronchitis – quite widespread disease at children. Obstruction designates a spasm at which the phlegm cannot leave and accumulates in bronchial tubes. How to distinguish obstruction, to quickly cure such bronchitis and not to allow complications and spread of an infection in an organism?


1. The main symptom of obstructive bronchitis is, first of all, cough. In the beginning dry, and further it can pass into productive with plentiful quantity of a phlegm. Often the child cannot normally cough up a phlegm, cough causes attacks.

2. At the sharp condition of bronchitis which arose against the background of complications of ORZ or flu without reception of antibacterial means not to manage. And, it is desirable to take crops of a phlegm for determination of sensitivity to antibiotics, and already then to appoint any given medicine.

3. As at the child rattles "wander", it is necessary to help to razzhizhit to him a phlegm easier to bring it out of bronchial tubes. Various coughing-up medicines are for this purpose applied. Perfectly cope with this problem of inhalation by means of special inhalers nebulizers which deliver drugs directly in bronchial tubes (do not confuse with inhalations by soda, potatoes, etc. "over a saucepan" or a teapot). It is possible to do inhalations with Ambrobene - 1 ml and physical solution – 1 ml, or Vintolin of 1 ml and physical solution – 1 ml.

4. It is important not to forget about a nasopharynx also. It is necessary to drip in the child's nose physical solution or independently prepared salt solution (1 teaspoon of salt on a glass of boiled water) for moistening of airways and washing away of an infection.

5. If at the kid temperature is increased, it is necessary to observe a bed rest. Plentiful drink is shown: tea, fruit drink … If temperature "passed" for 38 degrees, use febrifuges, their choice rather big for today (A nurofen, Panadol, children's paracetamol, etc.).

6. It is possible to do such compress: 1 ampoules of a gluconate of calcium, 1 ampoule of No-Spa, 1 ampoule of Dimedrol, 1 ampoule of an eufillin, 1 spoon of a dimeksid, 3 spoons of water. To mix, wet a gauze and to wind with a warm compress the child's breast, avoiding area of heart. To wind from above with paper for compresses and a warm scarf. To hold a compress 1-2 hours. To do 3–5 days.

7. It is possible to perform medical massage, percussion on the child's back to removal of residues of slime.

8. If appeared whistle during breath, short wind – urgently see a doctor!

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