How to treat pink deprive at the child

How to treat pink deprive at the child

Pink deprive treats skin diseases and is followed by emergence of pink spots on a body. Not to allow infection, it is enough to maintain high immunity. At emergence of signs immediately show the child to the dermatologist to begin treatment.

Pink depriving symptoms

The disease arises against the background of the weakened immunity more often during the autumn and spring period when the child is exposed to catarrhal diseases and allergic reactions. Infection occurs in the contact way, i.e. from the sick person through personal care products, bed linen, a towel, etc.

In time to distinguish an infection, it is necessary to examine attentively integuments and to watch the state of health of the kid. The first signs of the desease are: - temperature increase of a body;

- headaches; - reddening of a pharynx; - emergence of the shelled pink spots.

As a rule, at first there are single spots which lead further to plentiful rashes. In 1-2 months the rash ceases to be shelled, forming a narrow border and a temporary depigmentation of skin. At contact with chemicals often there is an unpleasant itch. At a chronic form pink depriving of a spot can have rather large diameter and saturated color.

Pink depriving effective treatment

To establish the exact diagnosis, survey and consultation of the doctor in the field of dermatology as similar rashes are characteristic of various skin infections will be required. At competent implementation of all instructions, the disease completely passes in 1-2 months. For removal of irritation it is expedient to refuse use of usual soap and a bast as skin is exposed to traumatizing and further spread of an infection. Rinse the kid in soul better then let's skin breathe. During this period use clothes from cotton fabric. During treatment you watch the child's food. An indispensable condition is the exception of a diet of allergenic food: citrus fruit crops, chocolate, eggs, nuts and others. In the presence of an itch, the dermatologist appoints antihistaminic medicines in a certain dosage taking into account age of the child and disease severity. The most popular is the medicine "Fenistil" which intake is appointed by the doctor. Good immunity – an important component of effective treatment therefore the thicket needs to walk with the child in the fresh air, regularly to give the vitamin Askorutin complex, immunomodulators, to accustom children to hardening. In house conditions for strengthening of immune protection prepare broth of hips: fill in a small handful of fruits with boiled water and let's infuse in a thermos for the night. Before the use add a little sugar to improve tastes of drink. A sharp form pink depriving assumes administration of drugs of calcium, salicylates, and at complications in the form of formation of gnoynichok use of antibiotics is required. At any stage the good results are yielded by ultra-violet radiation of skin.

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