How to treat poisoning at children

How to treat poisoning at children

Small children can get poisoned with absolutely habitual things in life – detergent, spirits, alcohol. With emergence in the house of the young researcher, all chemistry has to be in the place, inaccessible for it. First aid at poisoning is given proceeding from substance which was eaten or drunk by the child.


1. Symptoms of poisoning. If against the background of full health the child became suddenly sluggish, apathetic, complains of a headache and stomach or throat pains, attentively examine and ask the kid that he drank or ate. The sign of a burn around a mouth can become sign of the use of alkaline means. Household chemicals with fragrances can strongly smell therefore smell the child. At the first suspicions of poisoning call "ambulance".

2. Before arrival of doctors lay the child so that the head was above a trunk and it is slightly turned sideways. At the victim the vomiting can begin. It can be caused independently, irritating a language root. Small children up to three years can allow to drink salt spoon solution on 200 ml of warm water. It causes vomiting and a spasm of a pilorichesky sphincter, interfering with hit of poison in intestines. After the child activated carbon and again cause vomiting. It is necessary to repeat such procedure 3-4 times.

3. The most effective treatment at poisoning is washing of a stomach. If you have no opportunity to quickly use the qualified medical care, begin washing independently. It is better for small children to wash a stomach with isotonic solution at the rate of 15 ml of liquid on 1 kg of weight.

4. If poisoning was a lung, the doctor will appoint to the child intake of the absorbing medicines. Such drugs bring toxic agents out of an organism. To children up to three years can appoint Smekta or Enterosgel which need to be accepted a course.

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