How to treat rickets at children

How to treat rickets at children

Rickets is a disease of all organism which is followed by defeat of bone, nervous and muscular systems. The disease develops as a result of deficiency of vitamin D and violations in a metabolism. Children have to have a complex treatment of rickets. It is necessary to begin therapy at the first symptoms of a disease.


1. Treatment of rickets is appointed by the pediatrician. Treatment and prevention have to be carried out in several directions. First, this use in a diet of the child of the products, the richest with vitamin D. Secondly, this prescribing of medicamentous medicines for completion of deficiency of this vitamin. Besides, this creation of conditions under which all arriving vitamin D would be acquired most.

2. The balanced diet plays an important role in prevention and treatment of rickets. It has to be balanced, that is completely provide needs of the child for proteins, fats, carbohydrates and also mineral salts and vitamins. For the newborn child the breastfeeding is optimum. If the kid receives artificial feeding, it is necessary to give preference to dairy mix which is as close as possible on structure to female milk. It is very important to enter in due time into a diet of the kid vegetable and fruit juice and puree, porridges, meat, cottage cheese. It will help to provide sufficient intake of full-fledged proteins. Avoid excess consumption of bread, flour products and fat as they prevent absorption of calcium in intestines. The mackerel, a salmon, dairy products, butter, cheese, an egg yolk are especially rich with vitamin D.

3. Correctly organized day regimen and sufficient stay of the child in the fresh air is not less important. Children for this purpose need not less than 2-3 hours daily. But it is necessary to remember that skin of kids is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays therefore direct sunshine are contraindicated to children of the first year of life. There are quite enough walks in a shadow of trees.

4. At treatment of rickets the use of medicines of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus is obligatory. The dosage and duration of medicinal therapy are defined by the doctor taking into account age and disease severity. Recently physicians give preference to D3 vitamin medicines, mainly its water-soluble forms (for example, Aquadetrim). They are better soaked up in intestines and have more long action in comparison with oil solutions. The correct calculation of a medical dose is very important as the overdose can lead to development of a gipervitaminoz of D. At the same time there is a weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting, a diarrhea, weight reduction, joint pains, a spasm, delay of pulse, breath difficulty. If after several days of intake of similar medicines the child begins to refuse food, there are nausea or vomiting, it is necessary to see a doctor urgently. After the end of treatment course of vitamin D of the kid transfer to long reception of a preventive dose - 400 ME in day. Besides, at treatment of rickets appoint polyvitaminic medicines.

5. Complex therapy of rickets also includes massage and gymnastics, their value at the residual phenomena is especially high. As auxiliary methods appoint salt and coniferous bathtubs, a course at 10-12 of procedures. Salt bathtubs are shown to friable, corpulent children, and coniferous – nervous, thin, with the lowered appetite.

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