How to treat scoliosis at children

How to treat scoliosis at children

Scoliosis – pathology of development of the musculoskeletal device, quite widespread among children, which is characterized by a side curvature of a backbone and involves not only defects of bearing and a thorax, but also violation of interaction of internals, functions of respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and in some cases and functions of a spinal cord. Therefore it is necessary to reveal and use in due time a disease the best efforts to recovery of the child.

It is required to you

  • - hard bed;
  • - orthopedic mattress.


1. Scoliosis - a disease which it is easier to warn, than to cure. Since the birth of the child it is necessary to be engaged in prevention of deformation of a backbone. A timely vykladyvaniye on a tummy, the correct orthopedic mattress, control of development of a bearing, independent studying by the kid the main skills and abilities connected with a musculoskeletal system (to sit, stand, go, etc.), without stimulation of these processes by all devices (pillows, walkers, jollyjumpers, etc.) – here the basic principles of formation of a healthy backbone.

2. But if you noticed symptoms of scoliosis at the child, urgently address the orthopedic surgeon who diagnoses degree of a curvature of a backbone and depending on it will pick up an adequate technique of treatment. Keep in mind that successful treatment of scoliosis is possible only up to 15 years, and at later age by means of medical procedures it is only possible to improve a state and not to allow further development of a disease.

3. As a rule, at detection of scoliosis to children appoint individual programs of treatment, but the main receptions are identical to most of patients: massage, physiotherapy exercises, physical therapy (electrostimulation of muscles and electroacupuncture), at average degree of a curvature of a backbone - carrying a corset. Explain to the child that during treatment his life will change as it is regularly necessary to perform all appointments and procedures and also to refuse temporarily participation in sports (soccer, hockey, etc.).

4. Especially hard, in the most part psychologically, children are given carrying a corset as causes complexes, feeling of inferiority which can amplify because of sneers from peers. But it is necessary to understand that the korsetoterapiya is the only effective way of treatment of scoliosis of average degree among conservative methods most of which has the auxiliary and all-strengthening character. Talk to the child and his friends, explain that the corset is a necessary measure that everyone can have temporary difficulties, and overcome them easier with support of friends.

5. Provide observance of the day regimen set by the doctor, and you watch that the child got enough sleep. Its bed has to be hard and flat, and for convenience buy an orthopedic or thin elastic mattress and a thin pillow. Revise the family menu so that the child received enough vitamins and minerals, in particular calcium, zinc, copper and vitamins of group B.

6. Organize to the child a mobile way of life, games in the fresh air and the sun, but avoid classes and sports which are connected with big loads of a backbone (a raising of weights, artistic gymnastics, tennis, etc.). The best view of sport at scoliosis giving as well the medical effect is a swimming.

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