How to treat snivels at the baby

How to treat snivels at the baby

Cold or rhinitis – inflammation of a mucous membrane of a nose. The fall and winter become a cold time for the baby. If in time not to begin it is correct to treat, cold can develop into chronic diseases or even into pneumonia.


1. Why the child has a cold? The fact is that babies face a huge number of viruses. Getting on a mucous membrane of a nose, viruses get into the superficial cages having eyelashes and there develop from one to three days. At best, thanks to eyelashes, there is a clarification of a nose, and in the worst - viruses break integrity of a mucous membrane of a nose, than create a favorable environment for a bacterial infection which is the reason of complications of cold.

2. Cold at babies proceeds differently, than at the adult. Babies cannot independently will get rid of slime. Their cold leads to severe hypostasis of a mucous membrane therefore they practically cannot breathe. Still newborns have a nose cavity much less, unlike the adult. It is one more reason of fast overlapping of the nasal courses at cold. If in time not to begin treatment, then it can lead to development of various complications, such as sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis or dangerous pneumonia which can arise because of inhalation of the phlegm infected with bacteria.

3. If slime from a nose transparent, light, and at the same time the child quietly takes a breast and does not breathe through the mouth, then it is possible not to worry strongly, and to help the child will cope with an illness. For this purpose it is necessary to air often the room, to do damp cleaning, to moisten air in the room, to wipe a nose, to suck away slime as necessary. At a small temperature often and gradually it is necessary to give water.

4. Usually for the second and third day slime becomes more dense, a yellowish or greenish shade. If the kid normally breathes, then it is possible to continue the same and if breath is complicated, means there is an active growth of bacteria. In this case it is possible to use salt solution (1 teaspoon on a glass of water) or salt drops. Salt possesses the disinfecting and cleaning action, dilutes slime thanks to what it becomes easier for child to breathe. If cold does not pass and slime becomes more dense, viscous and green color, then it is necessary to see a doctor.

5. In order that our children were not ill, it is the best of all to address in due time experts and of course, to take preventive measures. One of important measures is hardening of babies - it increases immunity and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

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