How to treat squint at children

How to treat squint at children

Squint – one of the most widespread and dangerous diseases at children's age. It can lead to loss of the binocular sight (visions by both eyes) which is formed by 5-6 years without which the proper correlation of surrounding objects in space is impossible. The whole world at the same time is perceived in the distorted, incorrect look. Usually squint develops in the first three years of life and to a thicket is followed by decrease in visual acuity.


1. There are more than twenty types of squint, each of which demands individual approach to treatment. Quite often this disease is caused in the child by violation of work of one of eyes. Therefore children are recommended to carry a special bandage which will close a strong eye. Get similar means as soon as possible and apply it daily. Exclude a possibility of peeping through a bandage a healthy eye. Otherwise all procedure will be senseless.

2. Approximately since one and a half years to children oculists appoint points for regular carrying. Usually they are recommended in the presence of far-sightedness and short-sightedness. For inclusion in active work of the mowing eye a healthy eye is also covered with the special gate. Such procedure lasts several months. At this time you need to train a sore eye. Suggest the child to be engaged in embroidery, drawing, collecting of a mosaic and other exercises which stimulate visual processes. However is more often at squint of one use of points is insufficient action. Therefore conservative treatment with application of hardware methods is carried out. Similar ways of fight are directed to stimulation of ability by the child to merge images from both eyes in a uniform vision.

3. At a certain stage of treatment of children's squint, in the presence of indications, it is necessary to carry out surgical intervention. The term of carrying out it depends on visual acuity. But usually operation is recommended to do aged from 3 up to 5 years when the kid already seized exercises on combination and merge of images and objects. Its essence consists in shortening or lengthening of eye muscles. At strong aberrations, perhaps, not one will be required, and several surgeries. Even successfully performed operations cannot guarantee complete recovery of binocular sight. Therefore continue to carry out complex treatment of squint and the training exercise muscles.

4. Some types of squint (for example, with small and changeable corners) it is rather difficult to operate. New technologies of carrying out operation without use of the cutting objects are now applied (scissors, laser beams or a scalpel). They provide bloodless exposure of the operational field. At more severe forms of squint (when an eye mows up or down) and surgery can not always restore full binocular sight. Such methods of treatment allow to eliminate only an outer defect of appearance.

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