How to treat staphylococcus at the baby

How to treat staphylococcus at the baby

If the small child often has catarrhal diseases, he is disturbed by a tummy (the increased gas generation and swelling), allergic reactions and a frequent loose stool, then it is possible to suspect infection of a children's organism with staphylococcus.

It is required to you

  • - pharmaceutical camomile
  • - camphor oil


1. Make necessary tests for confirmation of the diagnosis – it can be the analysis a calla or separated from the nasal courses, purulent wounds, etc. After the activator is found, it is necessary to make crops on sensitivity. This analysis is necessary for prescribing of effective antibacterial medicines.

2. Antibiotics not always are effective at treatment of staphylococcus, but on condition of competent selection of medicines nevertheless are sometimes applied at treatment of babies.

3. An important condition of treatment is strict observance of purity and rules of hygiene at child care – clean hands, the processed small cracks and wounds, frequent change of diapers, bathing of the kid, etc. All clothes have to be washed and ironed from two parties.

4. Selection of medicines includes, besides antibiotics of the last generation, antiseptics, immunoperformance-enhancing drugs, bacteriophages. Bacteriophages are considered as the most effective remedies of impact on staphylococcus, but the choice of medicines is defined depending on a form of a disease and area of defeat. At defeat by staphylococcus of digestive organs prevention of dehydration – frequent applying to a breast, a dopaivaniye water and use of special liquids is necessary. The struck eyes should be washed with broth of a camomile or boiled water, during the periods between burying antiseptic solutions. Purulent bubbles need to be processed camphoric oil. If at the child the sepsis develops, then blood transfusion, intravenous administration of vitamins and plasma can be required.

5. For restoration of intestinal microflora after treatment it is necessary to give to the kid camomile broth, medicines with bifido- and lactobacilli. If the kid eats maternal milk, it is necessary to watch strictly mom's diet – to add dairy drinks, to reduce consumption of sweet. The child on artificial feeding is fed with special nizkolaktozny mixes, mixes with a peptide complex. If the kid suffers from locks (that is frequent during treatment), then he needs to do enemas – before feeding, it is desirable in the mornings.

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