How to treat stomatitis at the baby

How to treat stomatitis at the baby

Inflammation mucous a mouth or stomatitis meets at children of different age including at babies. And the cause of this disease at kids of early age most often in a streptococcal and staphylococcal infection. However in its activation the contributing factors, such as decrease in immunity, avitaminosis, dystrophy, dysbacteriosis and application of antibiotics have considerable value. Therefore treatment of stomatitis has to include not only processing mucous, but also strengthening of all organism.

It is required to you

  • - disinfectant (hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate or soda);
  • - carrot juice, broth of a camomile, a calendula or a St. John's wort and Vinilin ointment for restoration of mucous;
  • - bifido- and laktobakterin for increase in immunity.


1. If the kid became whimsical, whining, refuses food, carefully examine to him a mouth. In spite of the fact that the white plaques characteristic of stomatitis are formed in 1-2 days, language, gums, cheeks and lips can be already inflamed (brightly red color). And to avoid a complication of a disease and education on the struck places of sores, start treatment.

2. In treatment of stomatitis at children the medicamentous therapy appointed by the doctor after establishment of an exact etiology is optimum. In this case it is possible to achieve fast result and to prevent its transition to a chronic form. However for babies it is worth using not only effective, but also safe treatment therefore good option is use of folk remedies. Besides, they have no multiple contraindications peculiar to pharmacological medicines.

3. If in family still there are children, isolate from them the sick child. Stomatitis is well transmitted, especially if to consider tendency of kids to learn everything on taste including the general toys. And in the room of the patient regularly arrange airing and damp cleaning.

4. If the kid refuses a breast, feed him from a spoon with the decanted milk. For treatment of stomatitis it is desirable that it was the main source of substances necessary for the child. If it let's be on artificial feeding to it only liquid food and in both cases you feed on demand (desire). In the absence of that do not insist on meal. However give water and juice often, but gradually.

5. Several times a day wipe mucous a mouth of the baby with disinfectants – margantsovokisly potassium (slaborozovy), 3% hydrogen peroxide (1 tablespoon on ¼ glasses of water), 1% bicarbonate soda. Wind the finger with a gauze napkin, moisten it in one of the available solutions and carefully process language and cheeks, and then having changed a napkin - gums and lips. After processing wipe a mouth of the kid with either carrot juice, or broth of a camomile, a calendula or a St. John's wort.

6. For the general strengthening of an organism give to the kid the juice diluted with water, medicines with bifido and lactobacilli, for the night kefir (if the child is 8 months old and more). Mucous a mouth you carry out all procedures for restoration not less than 2 weeks.

7. Whenever possible do not self-medicate only stomatitis at the child and address the professional – the stomatologist or the pediatrician. They for certain will be able to establish a form of a disease and will appoint the corresponding treatment. From pharmacological medicines usually prescribe anesthetics, for example, Lidokhlor. For processing of an oral cavity - ointment "Tebrofen", "Atsiklovir", "Oksolin", "Bonafton". For restoration of epithelial fabric Vinilin ointment. Depending on a type of stomatitis and its current - antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial medicines.

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