How to treat teeth during pregnancy

How to treat teeth during pregnancy

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Many future mothers are afraid to see a doctor once again. Suddenly will prescribe some medicine, dangerous to the kid, will send to the procedure which is not recommended during pregnancy. What to tell about a visit to the stomatologist where and just like what is wanted to go never, expect a stress, an anesthesia, unpleasant feelings there. Nevertheless, visits to the dentist are an integral part of medical examination of pregnant women.

Even when planning pregnancy it is necessary to pay a visit to the stomatologist and to make sure of good condition of own teeth. And if everything happened too suddenly, then to try to have examination in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Myths about harm of dental care at pregnancy

You should not be afraid to treat teeth at pregnancy, ignoring of the matter will lead to even more serious consequences. Even the weak toothache can become an additional stress for future mom, and insufficient oral cavity care – a blood poisoning source.

It is possible to treat teeth during pregnancy and it is necessary not to subject either itself, or the kid of additional danger.

All this is caused by the fact that any inflammatory processes of an oral cavity can become an infection source. Caries or the destroyed tooth lead to increase in number of pathogenic microorganisms which, getting to blood, are transferred also to the child. To all other, in connection with hormonal changes of an organism of the woman the acidity of saliva changes, there are nausea and vomiting, the appetite increases. These processes can also intensify reproduction of bacteria in an oral cavity and lead to unpleasant consequences.

When and how to treat teeth at pregnancy

The most favorable period for thorough dental care is the second trimester of pregnancy. In the first three months there is a formation of all bodies of future child, and in the last – the organism of the pregnant woman already entirely gets ready for childbirth therefore during these periods it is better to exclude any excessive impact on an organism. Already practically in each stomatology there are offices for pregnant women. The main thing is to inform the doctor on your provision and term of pregnancy in time.

There are special types of an anesthesia which do not get to a fruit and do not influence its development in any way.

You should not refuse anesthesia at dental care at once. Special types of an anesthesia which do not pass a placentary barrier are absolutely safe for you and for your future kid. They do not influence neither the pregnancy course, nor development of a fruit. And here feeling of pain and a stress which you can test, sitting in a chair of the dentist, by all means will affect a condition of the child. Really it is worth refusing only x-rays which unambiguously are not recommended to be done during pregnancy. It is the best of all if it is possible, to postpone this procedure for the postnatal period. For the rest completely rely on the doctor who knows for sure that healthy teeth it is always better than imaginary danger from treatment.

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