How to treat the baby

How to treat the baby

Appearance of the child in a root changes a family way of life. Besides joy and affection the kid brings a lot of trouble, to especially inexperienced parents. To overcome fear and to find confidence, it is necessary to treat the baby as equal to - the ordinary person, only small and still helpless.


1. The first and main what the child needs - it is food. To nurse the kid or mix from a small bottle – only your choice, both options have the pluses and minuses though chest feeding for the kid is most useful. It is possible to organize feeding too differently: on hours and on demand. Be guided by needs of the child and consider first of all them, but not own convenience.

2. The kid needs to be kept clean. Daily wash him boiled water and bathe in a bath, if necessary adding broths of a train or a camomile. Surely you clean to the child a nose every day, using physical solution and the peach or sterilized sunflower oil that he did not experience difficulties with breath. Also do not forget to clean auricles with Q-tips with the limiter, without getting into acoustical passes.

3. Try not to overheat the kid, dressing in several layers of clothes of the house and excessively muffling up at an exit to the street. If to the child it is cold, cover him with a plaid better.

4. Regularly you have routine inspections in policlinic: the pediatrician and narrow experts will warn you about possible deviations in development of the kid and will make the necessary recommendations.

5. Choosing diapers, try different brands and do not neglect gauze and fabric. Observe how the skin of the kid reacts to any given diaper. Do not forget to wash away to change of a diaper and also to use special cream and if necessary ointment from an intertrigo with panthenol and oxide of zinc.

6. When changing a diaper and before bathing do to the kid massage, do with it gymnastics. When the child learns to hold a head, he can be lifted for handles and to swing in different directions – children not such fragile as it seems at first sight. The main thing that should not be done is to drop the kid, including in water.

7. The child has to be often in the fresh air. Daily walks are necessary for him practically from the first days of life, at the same time it is optional to go outside with a carriage, it is enough to expose of it on a balcony or to the yard if you live in own house.

8. Since the birth play with the kid the developing games. Early games are aimed at the development of sight, hearing, gross motor skills, a grasping reflex. In process of growing of a game it is necessary to complicate.

9. Talk to the child, tell him fairy tales, sing songs, read verses and nursery rhymes. Verbal communication contributes to early development of speech and mental capacities.

10. You carry the kid in a baby sling: he will be quiet that mom is near and everything is all right, and your hands will be free for chores. Be not frightened that the child will get used to hands because this period lasts not for long, but it is very important for finding of mutual attachment between the kid and parents.

11. Communicating with the kid, always smile to him, and already by the end of the first month he will answer you with a joyful smile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team