How to treat the child

How to treat the child

What he will grow up depends on the correct education and the attitude towards the child. Only think: in your forces to take steps today to make the son or the daughter is surer, more flexible, kinder.


1. Remember that education of the child is an everyday work. This not just loud word. Builds the relations with the son or the daughter - really work seven days a week and holidays. In it it is necessary to improve skills, to reconsider approaches, to draw conclusions. It is a pity that do not teach parenthood. But you have an opportunity to independently study different approaches and children's psychology and to put knowledge into practice.

2. Do not wait from the child of return for your efforts. He has to nothing to you. At the time he will give a part of for education of the children too, will support them, to care for them. It is a part of natural process. Therefore you should not think, what are you doing something special, sacrificing yourself.

3. Realize all scale of responsibility for the words and actions to the child. Each flash of unfair or righteous anger, each failure on the kid, each evil word or a sneer - everything will affect in the future its character, behavior, ability to achieve success.

4. You treat problems and the child's troubles with gravity. No matter, how old is he. What upsets him, also important, as well as your disorders. Do not depreciate concern, fears and doubts of the kid. Understand, it has no such life experience, as at you. Therefore everything is given it much more difficult. Life of the kid occurs at other level.

5. It is more important, than some material benefits, for the child sincere attention and the interest of parents. The kid needs to find time, to give it communication. Some parents do not wish it to do, but subconsciously understand the mistake. Also begin to compensate shortage of heat by gifts, toys.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team