How to treat the child for spasms

How to treat the child for spasms

The convulsive attack is a disease state which, unfortunately, quite often occurs in children. There is it for various reasons, the most widespread of which — poisoning, temperature increase to 39.5 ° and more, severe damage of central nervous system. But in certain cases worms, a fright, a lock and even a teething can provoke spasms.

It is required to you

  • - thistle;
  • - valerian;
  • - wormwood;
  • - yarrow.


1. If at the child the person sharply turned pale, his lines were distorted, lips turned blue, eyes were rolled up, a face muscle and extremities twitch, the body strained, he stiffened with the thrown-back head and hands extended forward, it is unambiguous a spasm. The attack can proceed several minutes or seconds. After that the child calms down. Sometimes attacks can repeat one after another. Anyway call the ambulance. To find out the causes of spasms, the child is hospitalized for detailed inspection.

2. There did not arrive doctors yet, put the child to bed and exempt from the constraining clothes. Do not put him on a back at all. The correct situation – on one side.

3. Put on the head of the kid a bubble with ice and observe indoors the total silence.

4. During a spasm the child can bite tongue. Therefore to avoid it, take a clean handkerchief and densely twist it. In such look push it between the lower and upper jaw.

5. If at the child temperature increased, try to reduce it. Pound hip vodka, a back, a breast. If there is no high temperature, pound the kid the towel moistened in cold water.

6. Do not wrap up the child. Air in the room has to be fresh. Therefore open a window or constantly air the room.

7. If the attack repeated, track through what time it occurred and how many proceeded. These data can demand from you during diagnosis. Remember also what could become the attack reason: whether the child ate something poisonous whether he fell, etc.

8. Let's the kid drink thistle infusion in the small portions. For this purpose make 1.5 tablespoons of the crushed flowers one glass of boiled water. Let's it infuse for twenty minutes. Then filter several times. Instead of a thistle it is also possible to use a linden fine-leaved, a valerian, a burnet, a wormwood, a tysyacheletnik or a marjoram.

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