How to treat the child honey flat cakes

How to treat the child honey flat cakes

In the people there is a set of recipes of nonconventional medicine. Long since people treated herbs and other means various diseases. For example, honey flat cakes are still used at disposal of cough.

To begin cough the child can at any time irrespective of, how old is he. And not always it happens a consequence of a catarrhal disease. Allergic reaction to dust, a smell or some product can be the cause of cough. The child from hit in airways of alien particles, for example, of grain crumbs can have a fit of coughing. Diseases of bronchial asthma or tuberculosis are also followed by cough. It is previously necessary to get advice at the children's doctor who will establish the reason of appearance of cough, will appoint drug treatment or will recommend to use folk remedies.

If nevertheless the child coughs because of a respiratory disease, along with medicines it is possible to perform treatment by honey flat cakes which gives very good effect.

This national method is used only at absence at the child of an allergy to honey.

Medicinal properties of honey

From time immemorial people of all countries appreciated honey as a tasty and nutritious product and as the means curing of many diseases. Honey is easily acquired by an organism and has salutary effect on it: removes stress from nervous system, regulates work of a cardiovascular system. As a part of honey vitamin B, cobalt, magnesium, copper, iron contain thanks to what it improves activity of the haematogenic bodies.

Honey consists of fructose and glucose which being quickly soaked up in blood, help an organism to fill power shortage.

Treatment by honey flat cakes

It is possible to make honey flat cakes according to several recipes. For example, it is possible to mix a honey teaspoon with one teaspoon of usual salt. This structure is spread on a breast through fabric, closed polyethylene, from above a towel and left for the night. Honey will be absorbed in skin, and salt will remain on fabric. One more way consists in preparation of flat cake from the test consisting of equal parts of honey, flour and vegetable oil. Such flat cake gives all the best on a thorax through a gauze layer, passing area of heart. From above, as well as in the first case, flat cake is covered with a film and a towel. Such compress is done before going to bed and held for 1.5 hours at first on a breast, then on a back. For achievement of stronger warming-up effect it is possible to add a half of a teaspoon of dry mustard to structure of flat cake. If you do not want to treat long the child, you have to remember that flat cakes with honey put 2 times a day. After the honey procedures of the child surely it is necessary to change clothes, previously wiping a body with a warm damp towel.

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