How to treat the child with an arrest of development

How to treat the child with an arrest of development

Problem of treatment and correction of children with an arrest of development – a hot topic in children's psychoneurology. This disease means itself a mental and speech disorder as which key indicators of violation are considered causeless crying of the kid, squint, salivation, headaches. At the child irritability, aggression, concern is noted. He considerably lags behind in intellectual development: badly remembers heard and seen, hardly studies in a garden and school.


1. Treatment of children with a mental arrest of development is recommended to be begun at preschool age. If at the kid the neurologic pathology which can lead to a delay of speech development is established, then the doctor can appoint it from first year.

2. Almost all children having a similar disease take a course of medicinal therapy. Most actively here the medicines which are "active food" and "construction material" for brain neurons are used: Aktovegin, Korteksin, "Lecithin", "Neuromultivit". For improvement of the speech Kogitum is appointed.

3. The high efficiency in treatment of children with an arrest of development is reached by methods of electroreflexotherapy and magnetotherapy. They are capable to restore selectively work of various centers of a brain which are responsible for speech activity, diction, intelligence, etc. The electroreflexotherapy also makes medical impact on hydrocephaly, however it is a protivopokana to the children having epilepsy, spasms and mental disorders.

4. Hippotherapy (treatment by horses), dolphin therapy, a muzterapiya and an aromatherapy are considered as alternative ways of treatment. They have to be selected individually for each child.

5. Use of some medicines will not bring desirable result if it is not supported with pedagogical impact on the child. Use services of the experienced speech pathologist whose main objective is increase in level of mental and intellectual development of children. In the work the teachers-speech pathologists use evident, practical and simple means of rehabilitation, give correctional classes in playful way. They choose individual exercises for each kid.

6. It is very important that you, having noticed disease symptoms at the kid, did not hope only for the help of the teacher. You have to also be engaged in the child actively. These classes need to be given daily, systematically and under control of the speech pathologist.

7. The large role in work with children with a delay of mental development is played by exercises of fine and gross motor skills. Get for the kid various designers, puzzles, mosaics, cubes, balls of the different sizes, pyramids, toys lacings and other devices. You mold with him from plasticine, draw finger-type paints, string beads on a lace.

8. Use for classes the outdoor games improving ability to be guided in space to rhythmically move or change the rate of movements. Apply multi-colored strips, sticks, cubes, flat and volume figures to formation of visual attention.

9. Children with a considerable delay of speech development are recommended to visit a special psychoneurological or neurologic day nursery, and after logopedic kindergarten. If before achievement of an arrest of development by the kid of 7-year age not are overcome, do not insist on visit of usual school by it. In correctional educational institution the enhanced attention of experts and the optimum school program will be provided to your child.

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