How to treat the physiological alfalfa butterfly

How to treat the physiological alfalfa butterfly

The physiological alfalfa butterfly appears at most of newborns for 3-4 day of life. Young mummy notices yellowing of skin and eyeballs of the kid. Usually the alfalfa butterfly herself passes within the first month of life of the baby. If the yellowness remains, it is necessary to show the child to the pediatrician.

Norm the bilirubin indicator up to 26 µmol/l is considered. If this figure is higher, mom's extract with the kid is postponed for several days. And at this time doctors try to reduce bilirubin indicators to acceptable level.

The maternity hospital generally practices treatment by ultra-violet light (phototherapy). For this purpose in chambers special lamps under which put the child are established, surely having put on on eyes glasses – a mask. After a course of "fire", skin of the child grows white. Duration of a course depends on that how current indicators of bilirubin exceed norm.

Phototherapy – not the only way of fight against the physiological alfalfa butterfly. This problem is quite solved also at home. How to cope with the alfalfa butterfly in house conditions? Let's consider some of the most popular ways of treatment.

The sun is an ultraviolet source. Many pediatricians recommend to spread the kid naked on the sun. But what to do if on the street a frost and an icy cold? To wait for the first solar day. There are no other exits, alas. Certainly, glass will take away a number of ultraviolet to itself, but also the child will get something too. Also it quite will be enough if the indicator of bilirubin exceeds norm of all on couple of dozen units.

Some doctors advise to give to drink to the kid glucose which helps to bring bilirubin out of the child's organism.

For lowering of the level of bilirubin in blood the doctors can appoint treatment of the child Smekty. Motivate it with the fact that bilirubin comes out with a stake and urine. However it is necessary to be extremely careful because at the wrong dosage the child can have a lock. And will be to solve a new problem very much and it is very problematic.

Activated carbon, in my opinion, best of all copes with the alfalfa butterfly. The tablet needs to be pounded, mixed with a small amount of boiled water and to allow to drink to the child. To repeat the procedure 3-4 times a day.

Corn snouts carry to bile-expelling means. At the physiological alfalfa butterfly recommend to drink broth from them. Also do not forget more often to allow the child to drink plain boiled water in breaks between feedings.

Anyway, before beginning independent treatment, consult to the pediatrician!

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