How to treat tonsillitis at children

How to treat tonsillitis at children

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At least once in life each person had tonsillitis which sharp form is known to all as a tonsillitis. Tonsillitis can also pass into a chronic form which is characterized by periodic inflammation of palatal tonsils after overcooling, a stress and other causes. There is a set of ways of treatment of tonsillitis at children: it both folk remedies, and conservative ways of treatment, and even operating rooms.

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1. The first and very important that needs to be made if the child got sick with tonsillitis, is to see a doctor. Most likely the doctor will direct to testing: crops from tonsils on a condition of microflora to define the bacterium causing a sore throat. Then the doctor will appoint the corresponding treatment and procedures.

2. One of the main procedures of treatment of tonsillitis is washing (rinsing) of the inflamed tonsils. For this purpose prepare the following solution: Fill in 1 teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda, 1 drop of solution of iodine with warm water. This solution caress a throat each 2-3 hours. Such procedure at an early stage of a disease can prevent development of a disease. But it is natural provided that the child is already able to rinse a mouth.

3. After washing of tonsils grease them with solution of Lugol or medicine, similar on properties. It will help to suspend reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, to temporarily eliminate painful feelings in a throat and also to start anti-inflammatory process.

4. If the disease actively progresses, it is necessary to think of acceptance of antibiotics, or if to deal with aggressive antibiotics there is no desire, address homeopathy.

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