How to treat umbilical hernia at the newborn

How to treat umbilical hernia at the newborn

Umbilical hernia at newborns is one of the most widespread pathologies. Generally hernia is formed owing to defect of an anterior abdominal wall of the kid or a weak umbilical ring. The long increased intra belly pressure which can be a consequence of locks of a severe cough or long crying of the newborn can become the provocative moment. Hernia is most widespread among premature children. Cure umbilical hernia at the kid, previously having addressed the doctor.


1. To cure umbilical hernia at the newborn, it is necessary to strengthen muscles of an anterior abdominal wall. For this purpose address the experienced and professional children's massage therapist or the trainer of LFK. The general massage can be begun with the second week of life of the kid, receptions are carried out without serious consequences and easily therefore do not cause in the child of crying. Before special receptions, hernia set easy pressings of fingers of one hand, kind of utaplivy it, at this time the second hand does necessary movements. These receptions include circular strokings clockwise of a tummy, counter strokings and strokings of oblique muscles of a tummy. Hands of the massage therapist cover at the same time the side surface of a thorax and do movements towards to each other, then from top to down and forward. During these movements, pupochek hides in a skin fold.

2. Very important point in treatment of umbilical hernia, is the organized healthy nutrition. You watch that the child did not cry long time, struggle with gripes in the various ways.

3. For treatment of umbilical hernia, the newborn child is spread on a tummy (on a diaper), having put before it bright and beautiful toys. It promotes an otkhozhdeniye of gases, interferes with protrusion of hernia, increases a possibility of more active movements by legs, hands and a trunk, thereby reducing intra belly pressure. It is possible to put the baby a stomach on a big and soft inflatable ball, shake a ball here and there, it will create effect of massage of a belly wall.

4. In the first months of life of the kid it is possible to do special massage of a navel before going to bed. Grease with children's cream area of an umbilical ring and carefully lips massage the place of formation of hernia, kind of gnaw it (lips), only do it quite carefully.

5. In ancient times umbilical hernia treated by means of nickel which was put to a navel and stuck with an adhesive plaster.

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