How to treat warts at children

How to treat warts at children

Warts represent the small outgrowths or the dense not inflamed small knots reminding a skin tumor. The virus of group of papilloma of the person is the reason of their emergence. Most often the disease is transmitted through public objects and at direct contact with other patients. Most often warts develop on a face and hands. There is a set of painless methods of treatment of warts at children.


1. Daily grease warts with fresh juice of onions. Do it not less than five times a day.

2. Grate crude potato together with a peel. Put the turned-out weight on bandage and tie to the place where there are warts. It is the best of all to do it for the night. Warts will disappear in three-four weeks.

3. Peel mature banana, cut a peel small squares on two-three centimeters and put them the yellow party down. From above drop a little juice of garlic and put gruel from garlic. Then put a banana peel to warts. Daily change a bandage.

4. Fill in three crushed garlic gloves with one glass of boiled water, let's infuse within one hour. Grease with this infusion of a wart several times a day.

5. Mix in equal quantities sea salt, blue clay and gruel from onions. You stick together from mix of a plate and impose them on warts, changing twice a day.

6. Cut thin plates a bulb of the average size and fill in with vinegar. Sustain them at the room temperature not less than two hours. Put such plates to warts for the night. Repeat the procedure several times until warts completely disappear.

7. Small crush a grass of a celandine and mix it with a small amount of vaseline. Grease warts with the turned-out ointment several times a day. Every other day rub warts with the juice which is squeezed out of just cut off celandine stalk.

8. Mix juice of roots of a dandelion with butter in the ratio 1:4. Grease warts with ointment three times a day.

9. Fill in three tablespoons of the crushed wormwood with one glass of boiled water, leave to infuse two hours in the closed ware, then filter. Do a compress. Repeat the procedure daily.

10. Put to warts the crushed leaves of a thuja western, having recorded them an adhesive plaster strip.

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