How to undergo lie detector test

How to undergo lie detector test

Some people face need of check on a polygraph. They worry because any bitter truth can become known therefore try to think up ways of how it is possible to deceive the lie detector.


1. The polygraph, or the lie detector is the special device created for identification of a lie and the truth, reacting to changes of blood pressure, pulse rate, breath of the person and other biophysical changes in his organism. Of course, to deceive this car, it is possible to try to use external irritants and to put the button to itself in footwear. Besides, you can spend sleepless night, drink a small amount of alcohol before check, take valerian tincture. However experienced polygraphologists usually at the very beginning of check ask the simplest questions to reveal your state. If on all questions you give the same reaction, the expert will not be able to expose your lie, but also he will not be able to accept similar test results. Most likely, after that your answers will be just cancelled.

2. For certain to deceive a polygraph, you have to convince yourself of what you tell. It is necessary to lie very eloquently, and with stable feeling that you tell the truth. Understand that if you trust sacredly in the invented story, no lie detector will reveal the truth.

3. Certainly, to trust in the history, first of all, you have to think over it to the smallest details. The plot which you will tell the polygraphologist should not be thought out on the run. Let it emerge from your memoirs. Fill the story with the silly facts which do not play any role during check. Let it will be the description of weather or something similar, however from the main subject after all it is not necessary to leave, otherwise the expert will suspect that you try to confuse it and to confuse. If you cannot hide the emotions during lie detector test, try to transform the valid feelings to something similar. Replace passion with rage, and repentance humility.

4. One more phenomenon which needs to be controlled during similar check - blood pressure. When the polygraphologist asks you questions, just bite a tip of language or squeeze sphincter muscles. Only be careful of the fact that the mimicry can give you. Externally you should not give any signs of the hidden actions.

5. To control the breath, you have to know what in usual conditions of people takes only one breath within two or four seconds. Your breath should not become more frequent or be delayed as it can accelerate heartbeat and by that to cause suspicion in experts.

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