How to understand an opposite sex

How to understand an opposite sex

Sometimes it seems that men and women are given birth on different planets, so differently they feel, think, perceive the world. However without mutual understanding it is impossible to construct close relations. How to understand that on mind at an opposite sex?

It is required to you

  • - trust;
  • - sincerity;
  • - love.


1. Try to hear the person. Often two persons cannot understand each other only because they do not even try to make it. What is told by one person not always corresponds to what will be heard by the interlocutor. Remember that the person can put in the words absolutely other sense. Do not hesitate to specify at darling whether correctly you understood the meaning of what was said. It will help to construct the relations based on mutual understanding.

2. Create the atmosphere of trust. To understand the person, he needs to be recognized. And it is impossible until the person himself does not want to reveal, entrust you the soul. Consider that without great trust it is impossible to construct the harmonious relations. In order that darling could bare the soul before you, he has to feel safe. Therefore never betray expensively to the person: to restore the lost trust happens very difficult, and even it is impossible.

3. Do not deride and do not criticize the person at the sincerity moments. If the person dear to you revealed to you the secret, even impartial, try to understand, or at least constrain the emotions if they can offend the person. Never punish favourite people for their sincerity.

4. You learn to accept the person it what he is. Often, communicating with darling, we attribute him lines, emotions, thoughts which are not inherent in it. In psychology it is accepted to call this phenomenon projections. So, we can attribute to the person own feelings or "award" him with those qualities of which we are afraid, or, on the contrary, which we want to see in darling. Understand that before you – absolutely unique personality, and she can not meet your expectations and expectations of what has to be the representative of an opposite sex. Try to learn and accept loved by it what it is actually.

5. Open in yourself the opposite beginning. According to east representations, at soul of each person there are two opposite forces – Yin and yang – men's and women's began. Yes, in soul of each woman there is a part of male energy, in soul of each man – women's. It is interesting that with this opinion some modern psychological schools are solidary. So, Carl Gustav Jung, the creator of analytical psychology, claimed that in each person there are men's and female beginnings which the scientist called Anima and Animus. At the same time Jung insisted that he for harmonious personal development of people has to get acquainted with energy of an opposite sex which is present at its own mentality. This acquaintance will help the person to understand and experience the mental forces corresponding to other floor on own experience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team